Quick Cash Sale Guaranteed
Quick Cash Sale Guaranteed
Sell in 7-28 Days
Sell in 7-28 Days
No Legal or Estate Agents Fees
No Legal or Estate Agents Fees
Best Prices Paid
Best Prices Paid
Interest-Free Cash Advances Available
Interest-Free Cash Advances Available
No Stress, No Hassle
No Stress, No Hassle

For over 20 years, Property Solvers has operated as a leading sell house fast company across the UK.  As part of our service…

  • We’ll buy your home quickly, in as little as 7 days
  • You’ll be dealing with a professional and fully-regulated fast homebuyers
  • There will no fees and we’ll never drop the price at the last minute
  • We can forward a cash lump sum should you need it urgently
  • We’ll buy homes fast in any condition

We Are Regulated:

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Check out our quick explainer video on how our sell house fast service works...

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How Fast Will Your House Sell? (Compared to Property Solvers)

Every month our local market insights tool tracks how long homes are taking to sell across England and Wales.

This is from the day a property first appears on Rightmove (the UK’s largest portal for home sales) right up to the point at which the property is officially marked as sold at the HM Land Registry.

To see the average sales time in your area, simply enter your postcode into the box below.

We’ll also show you how much quicker we’ll be able to buy your house in comparison…

How to Sell Your House Fast

HM Land Registry Rightmove

Results for ()

( properties tracked - April 2024 )

Properties are taking


to sell on average*

Slow to Sell Your House

At Property Solvers, we'll buy in

7-28 Days

Guaranteed with with no legal or estate agency fees

Quickly Sell Your House

*Note that these count for sales that actually happen. It's a well-known industry fact that at least 1 in 3 open market house sales falls through.

Sell House Fast – Key Facts

  • Genuine Fast Cash Home Buyers

    Genuine Fast Cash Home Buyers

    Founded by Ruban Selvanayagam and James Durr, Property Solvers do not rely on mortgage finance to buy properties. As shown in our tool above, this enables us to complete home sales much faster than open market buyers.

    This means that we’ll buy everything from unmortgageable residential, mixed-use and commercial properties to abandoned bungalows quickly.

    You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that we will not play silly games such as contacting you at the last minute requesting a discount before completion day.

    Vaxxen Labs WheyXX Protein – decaprime nandrolone decanoate platelet-derived growth factor-stimulated vascular smooth muscle cell function and injury-induced neointima formation.

    Remember to ask us about our interest-free cash advances.  This is where we can forward money to you before the sale completes.

  • Total Transparency and Integrity Assured

    Total Transparency and Integrity Assured

    As one of the longest established quick homebuyers in the UK, our honest and flexible approach sets us apart from the “fly by night” companies.

    Using HM Land Registry and RICS Red Book standards, our offers are fair and not based on speculation.

    Please check out the many reviews of our “sell house fast” service of happy homeowners quick and secure sale in the shortest amount of time.

  • We Are Regulated Fast Homebuyers

    We Are Regulated Fast Cash Homebuyers

    Property Solvers is held fully accountable to a number of regulatory bodies including The Property Ombudsman or TPO code of conduct, the National Property Buyers Association or NAPB, Trading Standards, Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, the Information Commissioner’s Office and NAEA PropertyMark.

    We are also the only quick homebuying company in the UK that has its own Code of Ethics and Practice.

    As our customer reviews show, you can rest assured that we’re many miles apart from the countless quick house sale scam firms out there.

  • No Estate Agency or Legal Fees

    No Estate Agent or Conveyancing (Legal) Fees

    As this is a private property sale, there will be no estate agency sales commissions.

    We generally recommend that our clients use our recommended conveyancers who are well-accustomed to processing fast home sales. Property Solvers will pay all the legal conveyancing costs (including disbursements).  The cost savings here often reach many thousands of pounds.

    You can, therefore, rest assured that the price we offer is exactly what you get.

  • Fast Offers For Your Home

    Fast Cash Offer For Your Home

    After our initial conversation, we’ll immediately review your property using our systemised valuation process and come back to you with a quick sale offer (for 100% cash) within hours.

    You can call or email your dedicated sales consultant and ask any questions whenever you need. Our contact centre is also open 24/7 – phone us for free on 0800 044 3733).  We’re always available to help.

  • Minimal Property Viewings

    Once you’re happy with the cash offer, we will need to conduct only one viewing of the property to confirm things. Again, we can organise this immediately after you agree to move forwards and visit at weekends if it’s more convenient.

    We may also need to instruct an independent survey, but this is sometimes not necessary.

  • 100% Private and Guaranteed Sale

    You will be selling exclusively to one of Property Solvers associated quick house buying companies. Outside of the solicitors managing the sale, we’re more than happy to keep the sale completely confidential.

    There will be no need to worry about ‘For Sale’ signs, viewers trampling all over your house and other annoyances that come with selling through a high street estate agent.

    As the sale progresses, as well as a designated solicitor and direct contact details of our Head Office, you’ll have a point of contact to ask for anything you need.

  • We Also Offer Assisted Sales

    This is where we will partner with you in selling your property on the open market via our own estate agency.

    An assisted sale would work well if your property requires a lot of refurbishment / home improvement work, for example.

    Every situation is different but, in many cases, we can take over any ongoing payments and fund the works required before listing your property.

    Other home owners we work with choose to trade their properties straightaway through us, using our auction service for example (see below).

  • A Fast Sale Through Property Auction

    We appreciate that a quick cash house sale is not going to be for everyone and have other solutions that may work better for you.

    With our online property auction, for example, we’ll market your property on the major portals like Rightmove and Zoopla and find you a secure buyer in just 21 days.  We also deal with off-market property sales.

    If you have more time, our quick estate agency gets consistently good results for our clients.

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Get a Cash Offer Within Hours...

How We Compare to an Estate Agency Sale

Often once you count all the extra costs and time it takes to get things done, you may be surprised to see that you’re not losing a huge amount of money by using our “sell house quick” service.

Property Solvers vs. Estate Agents

Estate Agency Sale
Asking Price £100,000
Price Agreed £90,000
Estate Agency Fees (at 1.5%) £1,500
Legal / Solicitor Fees £1,000
Ongoing Mortgage Payments* £3,000
Maintenance and Cosmetic Repairs** £1,650
Council Tax and Other Bills** £1,000
Final Sales Price £81,850
Asking Price £75,000
Price Agreed £75,000
Estate Agency Fees (at 1.5%) £0
Legal / Solicitor Fees £0
Ongoing Mortgage Payments* £0
Maintenance and Cosmetic Repairs** £0
Council Tax and Other Bills** £0
Final Sales Price £75,000
Price Difference £6,850

* These payments can be higher or lower depending on your own mortgage circumstances

** These costs are based on our own experience of owing properties at this value

Property Solvers value property using data from the Land Registry, Hometrack and RICS-approved surveyors

We will also discuss our "Hybrid Estate Agency" and "Assisted Sale" Options if we see they are more appropriate solutions for you.

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Sell Your Property Fast

Reasons to Sell Your House Fast

Below are just some of the situations that people get in touch with us in search of a quick house sale. Regardless of the circumstances, we’re confident of finding the very best solution…

  • Selling a Problem Property

    As a leading UK We Buy Any House company, we are actively in search of properties that need extensive refurbishment works or are considered unmortgageable.

    As explained above, we can purchase properties in any condition at least 5 times faster than the conventional routes. As it’s a private sale, you’ll save thousands in estate agency fees and there will be no legal costs once the house is sold.

    The result is that you’ll be able to achieve a much quicker and hassle-free house sale compared to using an estate agency or auction house.

  • Financial Difficulty / Stop House Repossession

    If you have fallen into arrears with your mortgage or have debts that you need to urgently clear, Property Solvers can offer a fast sale to release the money in your home.

    You can rest assured that we are genuine cash buyers that can exchange contracts on houses quickly (within as little as 48 hours). We use the UK’s fastest solicitors to facilitate the transaction.

    We also work with expert litigation solicitors who can review your case, represent you in court to stop repossession and help with anything else you need.

    Should your lender demand for mortgage payments in advance, we can provide interest-free cash advances within days.

    Along with a range of cost savings and damage to your credit file, you’ll also not have to worry about paying your mortgage that month.

    Financial Difficulty Stop House / Repossession
  • Selling a Property Passed on by Inheritance

    We often hear from people who have inherited properties to sell. These can often be located far away or may need a lot of work and people do not want the hassle of bring the property up to standard.

    Property Solvers buy homes quickly in any condition in 7 to 28 days.

    We’ll offer a guaranteed price with no extra commissions and also cover your legal costs.

  • Selling a Tenanted Property / Portfolios

    As professional landlords ourselves, we are actively in search of tenanted properties and property portfolios across the UK in any condition.

    We’ll also take on properties that have rental arrears or problem tenants.

    As with all the fast home sales through Property Solvers, our clients do not pay any legal fees and, as it’s a private sale, there will be no estate agent costs.

  • Selling a Property After Separation or Divorce

    Property Solvers keep the sale completely discreet if you’re selling during/after a divorce or separation.

    We’ll need to visit the property to confirm our cash offer and for the independent survey / valuation (sometimes this second visit is not needed).

    You can rest assured that the sale will be kept 100% private and that there will be no agent fees or legal costs to incur once things are done.

  • Broken House Sale Chain

    If you have just found out that your house sale has collapsed and there are no other ways around the issue, we can help.

    We can position ourselves as new buyers and exchange contracts in as little as 48 hours. This will be followed by the remainder money (proceeds of sale) being provided in 7 to 28 days or at any point you desire.

    As professional quick home buyers, we’re well accustomed to these types of transactions.

  • Short Lease Properties and Other Legal Issues

    We can still buy fast if your property has underlying legal issues – such as planning, rights of way, neighbour disputes and such like.

    Property Solvers can also buy flats and leasehold properties with short leases, cladding-related challenges or other complications.

    As an alternative option, you may want to consider our assisted sale service. This is where we effectively partner with you to resolve the legal issues and then sell the property through our estate agent.

    With issues fully resolved, you can then expect to receive at least the asking price (sometimes a lot more!).

  • Selling Commercial Property and Land

    Property Solvers can certainly look at commercial property and land (with or without planning).

    Although each property and/or site we look at will have its own specific criteria, we will still be able to purchase fast and cover all associated transaction fees.

    Alternatively, our quick online property auction is often an excellent way to ensure maximum exposure on the open market and price you’ll achieve.

    Selling Commercial Property and Land
  • Part Exchange

    You may be thinking about buying a new build property, you may have thought about a part exchange of your house.

    It can be a very good way to avoid the hassles that come with selling on the open market and move into one of the developer’s brand new homes.

    As an alternative, it may be wiser to be a little patient and consider using an estate agent or auction house (both are extra services are offered by Property Solvers).  This way you can get the full market value and buy the new build home or see what else is available.

    Part Exchange
  • Downsizing

    You may be living in a property that’s too large or simply does not suit your needs.

    Perhaps it also needs home improvements that you do not have the time or will to do yourself.

    Property Solvers would be happy to discuss our sell house fast (for cash) option as means of getting you a guaranteed price within a month.

    Using this stress and hassle-free process, you’ll have zero conveyancing + estate agency fees to worry about, no viewers or other problems getting in the way of a smooth house sale.


We'll Buy Your Home Within a Month...

Your Sell House Fast Questions Answered

Using Property Solvers ultimately means that you will get things done a lot faster than the other common methods of sale.

With most estate agency sales, for example, it takes time to get the property listed, viewings, offers to come in, mortgage application, conveyancing and then for the sale to exchange / complete.  Then, unfortunately, there’s also no guarantee that the house sale will actually happen.

Much, therefore, depends on how quickly you expect things to get done and whether speed is more important than price.

Many clients we speak to find a happy medium through our auction house, but selling directly to Property Solvers allows you to move forward in a much shorter timeframe without taking a discount. The added benefit is that there will be the saving of no estate agency or legal (conveyancing) fees.

Not necessarily. Sometimes there are buyers and investors that you may come across through estate agents who have the cash to buy.

However, in most cases, they lack the experience and knowledge to perform on the sale within set deadlines. Many often play games and move the goalposts at the last minute.

Another way to find cash buyers is through auction.  Although you’ll generally have to wait longer compared to a cash sale and incur selling + solicitor fees, things are a lot more secure.

Yes, 100%.  4 weeks is our absolute maximum timeframe and we often get things done in under a fortnight.

With all the delays and silly games that often happen with estate agency sales, it’s often hard to believe that this can be true.

The key difference is that we’re buying with cash which means that we do not rely on drawn-out mortgage finance sources.  What’s more, we work with some of the fastest conveyancing solicitors in the country.  Remember, that there will be a notable saving here as Property Solvers will be covering the legal costs.

The co-founders of Property Solvers together have over 35 years of buying property quickly.   We see it as our duty to fulfil the promises we make.

As our reviews regularly show, we’re in this for the long haul and constantly look to protect the strong reputation we have built over the years.

Generally, Property Solvers can get things done between 7 and 28 days from the first contact.  But we’re happy to work to your timescales.

We can also exchange within 24 hours if the case is very urgent.  In these scenarios, we’ll take care of the Memorandum of Sale immediately and take out an insurance policy to protect us against negative conveyancing searches.  The solicitors will then draw up the contract and prepare to deliver the cash funds.  Completion then typically happens within the following 7 days.

We will make ourselves available every step of the way to answer your questions and assist with whatever you need.

In most cases, yes… But much would depend on how fast you need to sell your house.

Even in today’s digital age, the methods used by high street estate agents are often ridiculously slow.  Most sellers are waiting many months for the sale to complete and have to jump over a number of hurdles.  This also doesn’t take into account that over 1 in 3 open sales marked as Under Offer or Sold STC fall through (often at the last minute).

At the same time, using an estate agent is a sure-fire way to secure the highest house price and the wait may well be worth it for you. They have a duty to get you the maximum sales value (albeit over a longer period).

That’s why, when you speak to one of our sales consultants here at Property Solvers, we’ll advise on how to sell your house. You can then decide on the best course of action, depending on your own goals and motivations.

For example, if you decide to stick with an open market sale, it may make sense to adjust your asking price, list your property at auction or swap the agent you’re using.

We can also run through how our own property auction and full market value assisted sale services work.

Yes, we regularly forward cash advances and there will be 0% interest to pay.

Our solicitor will need to draft a legal agreement for the cash advance to be deducted from the final purchase price. This agreement will clearly state when and how the cash will be transferred to you.  We can organise this within 24 hours where necessary.

Alternatively, the solicitor can transfer money directly to your account as part of an early exchange of contracts.

Please note that, even though some of the money will be in your account, you will only change ownership of the property at the point of completion (and still have legal rights over it).

Our core area of business is in England, Wales and Scotland. We also have trusted associates that operate in a similar way to us in Northern Ireland.

Whilst the Scottish conveyancing process is slightly different to that of England and Wales (by virtue of missive procedures, for example) we are still able to complete in short timeframes.

Yes, we understand that you may wish to sell the property discreetly. We will work to your specific requirements.

Our priority is to ensure that the sale goes through with no hitches. This means no “for sale” boards, unnecessary viewings and other disruptions.

You can communicate directly with the conveyancing solicitor (with absolutely no charge) and ourselves of course.  They will only communicate with you and the other legal owners.  No other parties need to be notified.

As we are direct cash buyers, you do not have to deal with any middlemen. There are also no mortgage lenders, chain breaks or other risks.

Having done this for nearly 2 decades, we dramatically reduce the lead times of house sales – especially between conveyancing searches and exchange as well as between exchange and completion.

We will also give you a clear timeframe so you can make future plans and help in whatever way need. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your property is as good as sold.

Where needed, we can exchange contracts in as little as 24 hours (and complete the sale within the following 7 days). This means you have a secure sale by way of a legally binding agreement.

Property Solvers was established in 2006. At the time, we ran a website that helped people looking to sell houses fast.

We have since grown to work with all sorts of property owners. This includes people facing repossession, overburdened landlords, commercial property vendors, developers, landowners and those that must sell for a variety of other reasons. There are very few situations we haven’t seen nor cannot deal with.

Our clients rest assured that we have a duty to comply with regulations laid out by The Property Ombudsman or TPO, the National Property Buyers Association or NAPB, Trading Standards, Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, Information Commissioner’s Office and NAEA PropertyMark.

We also have also written our own Code of Ethics and Practice (which goes above and beyond The Property Ombudsman’s code of practice for residential property buying companies that guides the NAPB).

Property Solvers bring a wealth of experience as professional property buyers, auctioneers and estate agents. We are 100% confident about finding a fast and workable solution to any property problem.

Property Solvers are specialists in buying properties that are considered unmortgageable or for cash buyers only.

This includes properties with structural / foundational problems, issues such as Japanese Knotweed, serious damage / dilapidation, damp, major refurbishment works required, short / defective leases and other legal risks.

As cash buyers, we do not rely on any third parties to buy properties and will get the matter dealt with in as little as 7 days (with no fees).


Please do not panic – there is usually a very simple solution.

Property Solvers has helped homeowners stop repossession for many years.

It is important to remember that, in most cases, mortgage lenders do not want to evict you.  By law, they must cooperate and work with borrowers before taking back ownership – even if you have a court date.

Most people we speak to do not get repossessed and keep their homes.

Some, however, simply want to be rid of the property and our sell house fast option is often the perfect solution.  Regardless of how close things are to eviction, we can intervene in the process, clear any arrears and provide a cash advance or other financial support if needs be.

As cash buyers, we can exchange contracts in very short timeframes and complete in as little as 7 days.  Furthermore, your credit rating will remain intact and there will be no County Court Judgements (CCJs) against your name.

Similar to falling into mortgage arrears, being in this situation often does not mean that you will be repossessed or lose your home.

These companies cannot simply decide to take your property and have a legal duty to follow set procedures.

In our experience, communication is key.  We would recommend contacting the credit companies directly to discuss potential ways around the situation.  Perhaps, for example, you could figure out some kind of debt management plan or consolidate the debts into one credit card or unsecured loan.

Although it can have a negative effect on your credit rating, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) can be a good way to reduce the debts to a more manageable level.

Alternatively, if you simply want to sell your house to quickly release any locked-in (equity) money, we’d be happy to chat about our various options.

You’re not alone.  Jeffries International estimate that over 50% of UK home sellers fail to find a buyer within 10 months of going to market.

Having worked in the industry for nearly two decades, we frequently see estate agents overpricing properties to win home sellers’ business.

Over many months of struggling, sellers then have to reduce asking prices to a level that drives interest from property buyers.

If you’re in this situation, our advice is to take a closer look at HM Land Registry data.  Using this source of data, you can see the changes to sold house prices and make sure your property is valued at a realistic level.

Check out our guide to house valuation which will help you out on this.  Remember, the information you need is out there, easy to access and completely free!

If you’ve simply had enough of dealing with agents making false promises, get in touch and we can explore whether our sell house quick options could work for you.

Some of the reasons are speed, much less stress and zero sales fees.

With estate agents, as shown in our How Fast Will Your House Sell tool above, it often takes several months for properties to change hands.

You’ll have to wait for estate agents to list and actively market your property, viewings, surveys, negotiations on the asking price and then the prolonged conveyancing process.

At Property Solvers, the lead time for the house sale is cut significantly.  Our offer will be based on the realistic fair market value.  We’ll then only need to undertake one viewing and a survey (although this is not always necessary).

Everything else will be handled by our specialist legal teams who we have worked with for many years in processing quick cash property sales.

Ultimately, the answer to this question will all depend on how quickly you wish to sell.

Using Property Solvers, things will be done and dusted within 7 and 28 days with minimum fuss and no fees to pay – significantly faster than any estate agent.

Yes, this is possible.

However – with our 28-day option – we are effectively marketing your property on the open market (see where we advertise) and completion will therefore take longer.  The upside here is that you will get a higher price relative to the immediate 7-day cash sale option.

A happy medium could be to sell quickly via our property auction service.  This is where we would actively market your property for 21-days (or less, should you require) and then undertake a competitive bidding process that commits the buyer to the sale.  The successful buyer then has either 28 or 56 days to complete the sale (see more info. on how the auction works here).

With so many years in the industry, Property Solvers have expert knowledge in valuing residential homes, commercial properties, land other types of site.

We primarily use sold data from the HM Land Registry.   This enables us to see what properties on your and neighbouring properties are selling for.

Where possible, our sales consultants will also check the size of your property and look into other factors such as its condition, the garden size / surrounding land, parking, whether refurbishment work has been done, the age of the boiler / electrics, when the house was built.  The more information you can provide to us during the first phone call, the better.

Also, we’ll take a look at other properties on the market close to yours and how they’re performing.

For example, we can see how long they’ve been up for sale and whether many sellers have had to reduce their asking prices (and by how much).

With many years of experience of assessing market prices, we’ll get back to you within a few hours with a valuation and offer (subject to viewing).  Please also feel free to request one of our bespoke FREE House Valuation Reports.

In this circumstance, with more time on your hands, we would probably recommend using our property auction.

We can list your property within days and usually have a 3-week marketing period which can be shortened if needs be.  Over the last 6 days, we will begin the bidding process to secure the buyer.

At the close of the auction, the buyer has effectively exchanged contracts and is financially committed to completing in 28 days (under what’s called ‘unconditional’ auction terms and conditions).

However, if you wanted a genuinely guaranteed sale with no stress, hassle or fees that can be done well within 6 weeks then our quick house sale service would be the best step forward.

With our direct sell house fast option, there will be no marketing of your property.

Although there are several fast companies in our industry that are – in truth – estate agents or brokers that will put your home on the market, at Property Solvers we are direct buyers.

This means that you will be dealing with us and our associated property buying companies only.  We will not trade or market your property to investors or buyers.

There will be no middlemen involved and you can contact us at any point during the sale.

You need to be a qualified estate agent or auction house to list on these major portals.

Whilst there are some methods to market your property on the major portals relatively cheaply, the support you get is minimal at best.  The success rate of these services is often poor.

Yes, some home sellers have had success after putting their properties up on Gumtree, Facebook and even eBay…

However, please take note that there are some very shady people that lurk on these sites who often look at ways to pull the wool over your eyes. From dropping the price at the last minute through to working with unaccredited solicitors to swindle equity from your property’s value or altering the Title Deeds, it’s simply not worth it.

Using a regulated fast home buying company like Property Solvers means you’re dealing with a serious and well-established business that will provide you with a safe and completely secure sale (with no fees).

Provided that nothing is hidden from us at the start, the price we offer is final and will not change.

Developers often offer part-exchange house options as a means of selling their own properties.

It can be a great way of avoiding the hassles that come with selling on the open market.

One of the downsides, however, is that the developer will reduce the purchase price to 85% of the property’s value.  Then there’s also the issue of the ‘new build premium’ where homebuilders often charge more than the general market value in the local neighbourhood.

It may be worth considering being patient and selling through our estate agent or auction house to get a better price.  You can then either buy the new build property and have money leftover or see what other homes are available.

In most cases, no.  However, much will depend on the condition of the property.

When we do, we have contacts of surveyors across the UK and can book in the survey within very short timescales.

It’s important to take a ‘high-level’ view of your situation before making any hasty decisions.

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to think that the best way out is to simply sell up and get your money as quickly as possible – when this may not always be necessary.

Our sales managers will have a completely objective chat about your situation and will only suggest the sell house fast option if we genuinely believe it’s the best course of action.

Unless you have a legally certified Power of Attorney, it is not possible to sell on behalf of someone else.

We would need to communicate directly with the legal owner before proceeding with a quick sale.

Yes, as we can move quickly with our purchases, we can certainly help with any debts owed to HM Revenue and Customs.

If you have Income or Capital Gains Tax (CGT) charges (and associated penalties), for example, we can advance funds so that you can avoid further action / the risk of bankruptcy.  Note that you will not owe CGT if you have lived in the property as your main home (check out our CGT calculator).

No, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) will be our responsibility.

Note that if you are buying a property with the proceeds of sale, SDLT will be due (there are different rules in Scotland and Wales).

Yes, we are active land buyers (through PS Development Services).  We will consider plots both with and without planning consent in place.

We would also consider sites with ongoing issues such as encumbrances, restrictive covenants, negative easements and unfulfilled overage clauses.

Absolutely!  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions and How We Work pages which run through our sell fast, auction and 28-day estate agency services.

We’re also available 24/7 via freephone 0800 044 3733, our get in touch page, chat service or simply emailing us at info@propertysolvers.co.uk.  We pride ourselves in responding to all enquiries quickly.

FREE Cash Offer
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