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Welcome to the Property Solvers Blog.  Here you can learn everything on how to sell your house fast.

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How to Sell Your House Quickly for a Good Price

Sell House Quickly for a Good Price

In this post, we look at some of the realities of selling a house in the current market, the importance of being realistic and where prices may be heading in 2020.

We also ask whether Brexit will influence your home’s value and why more landlords are selling up.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick house sale, check out the last section which goes into how you can get the best price.

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Should You ‘Price to Entice’ Your House?

Sell Your House by 'Pricing to Entice'

In this post, we run through the benefits of advertising your house at a realistic price point to attract serious buyers.

Avoid the silly games that estate agents play by over-valuing to win your business to get a good price for your house quickly!

We also highlight some of our own successful sales using the ‘price to entice’ strategy through the Property Solvers Estate Agency.

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Why Use an Online Estate Agency?

Express Estate Agency

We start by looking at the estate agency industry as a whole, the realities of selling in 2020 and some things to bear in mind when valuing your house.

We then explain what an online estate agency is and some of the associated pros / cons.

There’s also some information about Property Solvers own quick estate agency services towards the bottom.

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Brexit House Prices – Where Next?

Brexit House Prices - Where Next

If you’re looking to sell your house and are concerned about Brexit’s impact on the property market, read on!

We explore the chances of a housing market crash, the risks associated with leaving the EU and how you can minimise them when it comes to selling up.

We also look at how to get the optimum outcome from the sale of your house in the Brexit era.

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Selling Your House Quickly – 7 Real Options

Quick House Sale Options

If you’re looking for a quick sale of your house, figuring out the best thing to do can feel a little confusing.

Here at Property Solvers, we have over 16 years of experience of helping people make the right decision.

From reducing your asking price right through to using a fast house buyer like ourselves, in this post we run through seven of the main options worth exploring.

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Fair Treatment When Selling Your Home Quickly

Fair Treatment When Selling Your Home Quickly

A guide put together by Property Solvers that covers everything homeowners need to know to get the fairest price and outcome when selling quickly.

We also delve into the history of our industry, your real options and how Property Solvers offers different types of fast sale services.

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How to Sell Your House at Auction

House Auction Sale

Thinking of putting your property up for auction and curious about how the process works? Or are you on the verge of making a decision and want to know about the best steps to take…

Our essential guide below has everything you need about selling your home either through a traditional or online auction agency.  Further down, we outline how our Auction Alternative Route may be a worthwhile consideration.

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How to Sell a Tenanted Property

How to Sell Your Rented Property

This guide is for landlords thinking about a sale of their tenanted property.

It’s been put together by the Directors of Property Solvers, a quick house buying company and express estate agency.

With over 15 years’ industry experience, we explore the best ways to get the outcome and price you want from the sale.

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Quick House Sale – Beware of the Scams

Quick House Sale Scams

Thinking about a quick sale of your house?

This post helps you answer this question more clearly.

We dispel some of the unfair negativity that surrounds our industry and go through some essential checks to avoid the scam artists.

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How to Value Your House

House Valuation Tips

Check the real value of your house using our list of FREE online tools.

With an emphasis on finding HM Land Registry-sourced data, we’ll show you how to check the sold values of properties on your street and in your local area.

Remember to focus on the facts, not the hearsay!

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