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How to Stop Repossession

Stop House Repossession

If you’re behind with your mortgage payments and worried about losing your home, do not panic.

The Property Solvers guide on how to stop repossession is here to help.

You can use this guide to discover the best course of action based on your personal circumstances.  We also go through your options if you’re thinking about selling up.

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How Much is My House Worth?

House Valuation Tips

Check the real value of your house using our list of FREE online tools.

With an emphasis on finding HM Land Registry-sourced data, we’ll show you how to check the sold values of properties on your street and in your local area.

Remember to focus on the facts, not the hearsay!

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How to Sell Your House in 2022

How to Sell Your House

This post explores what you need to do to get the very best outcome from your house sale in 2022.

Regularly updated to reflect market changes, we start by looking at the key factors to bear in mind when putting your home on the market at the moment.

We also look at how COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation risks and Brexit could impact the sector.

In the final section, there are some actionable steps that you can take right now…

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Stop Repossession – Filling a N11M Form

Stop Repossession - Filling a N11M Form

If you are being threatened with repossession, the N11M form can be used to highlight your side of the story. 

Many homeowners have used this form to help stop the process altogether.

In this post, we run through the basics of how to complete the N11M and answer the questions in the best way.

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Stop Repossession – Filling a N244 Form

Stop Repossession - Filling a N244 Form

Stop or set aside your house repossession by using the N244 form.

This post helps you complete the form in the best way and request an emergency hearing at the County Court.

Always remember, when it comes to repossession, the law is on your side.

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How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House in 2022

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House

Although you’ll probably have an idea of what money you’ll ultimately get once you sell your house, it’s easy to forget that you’ll have some expenses to incur along the way.

As professional house sale specialists in the industry for nearly 2 decades, in this extended post, we highlight the main costs to consider when selling.

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Memorandum of Sale – What You Need to Know

Memo of Sale – What You Need to Know

Check out the Property Solvers’ handy guide that runs through the basics of using a Memorandum of Sale when selling your home.

We explain what a Memorandum of Sale is (including a template that we use ourselves), why this document is necessary.  We also go into what happens after this document is completed…

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How to Sell a Tenanted Property

Selling a Tenanted Property

This guide is for landlords thinking about a sale of their tenanted property.

It’s been put together by the Directors of Property Solvers, a quick house buying company and express estate agency.

With nearly 20 years of real industry experience, we explore the best ways to get the outcome and price you want from the sale.

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Cash Buyers Only

Cash Buyers Only

If you’ve been checking out the property market lately, you may have noticed that some sellers list with the proviso ‘cash buyers only’.

But what does this mean, why is it sometimes the preferred method amongst home sellers and should you go advertise your own home this way?

We also explore how to find ‘cash buyer only’ properties on Rightmove and other portals.

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Selling an Inherited Property

Selling Inherited Property

If you are reading this post as someone who has recently lost a loved one, please accept our condolences.

Dealing with the financial issues of an inherited property sale is an extra burden we’re sure you do not need at the moment.

If the dust has settled somewhat, you may be thinking about your next steps.

This extended blog post aims to guide you through the most important considerations when handling property or land of someone who has passed away.

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