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Welcome to the Property Solvers Blog.  Here you can learn everything on how to sell your house fast.

We hope you enjoy our content and please contact us if we can help you in any way…

How Much is My House Worth?

House Valuation Tips

Check the real value of your house using our list of FREE online tools.

With an emphasis on finding HM Land Registry-sourced data, we’ll show you how to check the sold values of properties on your street and in your local area.

Remember to focus on the facts, not the hearsay!

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Coronavirus and Selling Your House

Coronavirus and Selling Your House

In this post, to be updated as the situation evolves, we’ll look at how the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect the property market.

Dispelling some of the ongoing myths out there at the moment, we’ll also look into the various options available if you’re selling your home during this turbulent period.

Take care and stay safe…

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Mortgage Prisoners – What You Need to Know

Mortgage Prisoners - What You Need to Know

This post is here to help if you’re trapped with your current mortgage lender or can’t remortgage due to being in negative equity.

We also look at the risks of becoming a mortgage prisoner, some crucial steps to take and what’s happening in the broader context for those in this predicament.

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How to Sell Your House Quickly for a Good Price in 2020

Sell House Quickly for a Good Price

This post explores what you need to do to aget the very best price for your home in the shortest possible time.

Updated to reflect market changes, we also look at how Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Brexit will impact the house sales market over 2020.

Further down, there are sections on stopping repossession alongside information if you’re thinking about selling your tenanted or inherited property.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick house sale, check out the last section where we go into how to get the outcome you need.

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When Was My House Built?

When Was My House Built?

Need to find out exactly how old your house is?

In this post, we’ll look at simple ways in which you can dig up those details and learn a little more the true age of your property.

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Selling Your House Quickly – 7 Real Options

Quick House Sale Options

If you’re looking for a quick sale of your house, figuring out the best thing to do can feel a little confusing.

Here at Property Solvers, we have over 16 years of experience of helping people make the right decision.

From reducing your asking price right through to using a fast house buyer like ourselves, in this post we run through seven of the main options worth exploring.

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Part Exchange House Schemes

Part Exchange House

Considering a trade of your existing property for a new build home?

The Property Solvers guide delves into everything you need to know about part exchanging your property.

This includes the essential rules right through to the pros/cons of part exchange and a detailed step-by-step guide to the process.

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‘Gazundering’ When Selling Your House

Gazundering - Quick House Sale Blog

The practice of a buyer dropping the price of a home at the last minute – known as ‘gazundering’ – is an appalling practice that still happens from time to time.

In this post, we look into how you can avoid it when selling your house through an estate agent or using a fast house sale company.

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Brexit House Prices – Where Next?

Brexit House Prices - Where Next

Updated in line with the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, combined with the effects of Brexit, we look at where house prices may be heading.

If you’re looking to minimise your risk and get the optimum outcome from the sale of your house over the course of 2020, read on…

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How to Stop Repossession

How to Stop Repossession (Guide)

If you’re behind with your mortgage payments and worried about losing your home, do not panic.

The Property Solvers guide on how to stop repossession is here to help.

You can use this guide to discover the best course of action based on your personal circumstances.  We also go through your options if you’re thinking about selling up.

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