Regional House Market Data

Results for Stoke-On-Trent

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
ST118 Weeks-£3,4394101 Sep 2020
ST216 Weeks-£4,1584303 Sep 2020
ST318 Weeks-£3,70914101 Sep 2020
ST417 Weeks-£5,26011403 Sep 2020
ST617 Weeks-£3,1909201 Sep 2020
ST718 Weeks-£5,42411703 Sep 2020
ST816 Weeks-£4,0553502 Sep 2020
ST920 Weeks-£2,3582502 Sep 2020
ST1017 Weeks-£4,9415601 Sep 2020
ST1120 Weeks-£7,3142504 Sep 2020
ST1219 Weeks-£8,605918 Sep 2020
Stoke-on-Trent Map (House Sale Data)
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