Regional House Market Data

Results for Newcastle Upon Tyne

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
NE10 Weeks£0011 Feb 2021
NE216 Weeks-£10,187818 Feb 2020
NE318 Weeks-£5,7007203 Feb 2020
NE417 Weeks-£4,4911804 Feb 2020
NE519 Weeks-£4,3846603 Feb 2020
NE616 Weeks-£4,4506204 Feb 2020
NE716 Weeks-£4,7022512 Feb 2020
NE1217 Weeks-£2,8427305 Feb 2020
NE1314 Weeks-£5,2612206 Feb 2020
NE1517 Weeks-£3,9453006 Feb 2020
NE1617 Weeks-£6,6433301 Feb 2020
NE1717 Weeks-£4,166614 Feb 2020
NE1832 Weeks-£22,000113 Mar 2020
NE194 Weeks£0126 Feb 2020
NE2017 Weeks-£11,9803106 Feb 2020
NE2719 Weeks-£2,6333302 Feb 2020
Newcastle upon Tyne Map (House Sale Data)
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