How Fast Do Houses Sell in Liverpool? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Liverpool

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
L10 Weeks-£19,950115 Oct 2019
L319 Weeks-£5,750410 Jun 2019
L417 Weeks-£4,0562501 Jun 2019
L517 Weeks-£3,250427 Jun 2019
L615 Weeks-£2,8101505 Jun 2019
L720 Weeks-£4,225807 Jun 2019
L818 Weeks-£6,9141204 Jun 2019
L916 Weeks-£4,8892801 Jun 2019
L1019 Weeks-£4,7152208 Jun 2019
L1115 Weeks-£3,8651618 Jun 2019
L1219 Weeks-£4,9363106 Jun 2019
L1319 Weeks-£3,4993005 Jun 2019
L1417 Weeks-£5,2882507 Jun 2019
L1515 Weeks-£4,0823204 Jun 2019
L1617 Weeks-£4,1902213 Jun 2019
L1715 Weeks-£7,2372304 Jun 2019
L1814 Weeks-£7,5792905 Jun 2019
L1916 Weeks-£5,7433205 Jun 2019
L2117 Weeks-£5,0882703 Jun 2019
L2218 Weeks-£5,1443403 Jun 2019
L2318 Weeks-£8,0243706 Jun 2019
L2417 Weeks-£4,772906 Jun 2019
L2516 Weeks-£4,2124303 Jun 2019
L2618 Weeks-£4,7151601 Jun 2019
L2713 Weeks-£975209 Jul 2019
L280 Weeks£0003 Jun 2020
L298 Weeks-£58,000105 Sep 2019
L3118 Weeks-£3,8535104 Jun 2019
L3216 Weeks-£3,1421312 Jun 2019
L3315 Weeks-£716903 Jul 2019
L3618 Weeks-£4,4102803 Jun 2019
L3716 Weeks-£13,9492707 Jun 2019
L3814 Weeks-£21,600525 Jun 2019
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