Regional House Market Data

Results for Liverpool

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
L10 Weeks£0006 Mar 2021
L313 Weeks-£3,500926 Mar 2020
L413 Weeks-£3,6662110 Mar 2020
L517 Weeks-£1,550510 Mar 2020
L622 Weeks-£6,978702 Mar 2020
L717 Weeks-£4,778717 Mar 2020
L813 Weeks-£6,0381316 Mar 2020
L917 Weeks-£4,7243110 Mar 2020
L1020 Weeks-£3,2402803 Mar 2020
L1114 Weeks-£6,8941012 Mar 2020
L1217 Weeks-£5,0714404 Mar 2020
L1316 Weeks-£4,4982905 Mar 2020
L1421 Weeks-£4,2612202 Mar 2020
L1513 Weeks-£4,1804002 Mar 2020
L1615 Weeks-£3,5642705 Mar 2020
L1715 Weeks-£5,4442603 Mar 2020
L1815 Weeks-£7,5035104 Mar 2020
L1913 Weeks-£5,0583405 Mar 2020
L2116 Weeks-£4,7223013 Mar 2020
L2217 Weeks-£3,8502609 Mar 2020
L2316 Weeks-£8,9555102 Mar 2020
L2413 Weeks-£5,6071419 May 2020
L2517 Weeks-£9,8724003 Mar 2020
L2618 Weeks-£4,8312704 Mar 2020
L2716 Weeks-£5,000421 Mar 2020
L2818 Weeks-£1,475227 Mar 2020
L290 Weeks£0006 Mar 2021
L3118 Weeks-£6,0485603 Mar 2020
L3217 Weeks-£6,3662104 Mar 2020
L3317 Weeks-£3,8842309 Mar 2020
L3618 Weeks-£3,8254305 Mar 2020
L3718 Weeks-£17,0275401 Mar 2020
L3816 Weeks-£11,8501017 Mar 2020
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