Regional House Market Data

Results for Liverpool

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
L10 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L30 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L414 Weeks£0313 Jul 2021
L50 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L614 Weeks-£7,500127 Aug 2021
L70 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L80 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L912 Weeks-£9,166307 Jul 2021
L100 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L119 Weeks-£5,750201 Jul 2021
L1211 Weeks-£3,000501 Jul 2021
L1314 Weeks-£7,500501 Jul 2021
L148 Weeks£0215 Jul 2021
L1511 Weeks-£5,800514 Jul 2021
L1616 Weeks-£9,000206 Jul 2021
L1716 Weeks-£70,700201 Jul 2021
L1813 Weeks-£10,000402 Jul 2021
L1918 Weeks-£4,250401 Jul 2021
L2115 Weeks-£2,142701 Jul 2021
L2215 Weeks£0207 Jul 2021
L2314 Weeks-£7,500409 Jul 2021
L2414 Weeks-£5,000128 Jul 2021
L2520 Weeks-£25,500222 Jul 2021
L2616 Weeks-£3,483309 Jul 2021
L2711 Weeks-£2,500212 Aug 2021
L280 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L290 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
L3116 Weeks-£4,200505 Jul 2021
L3215 Weeks-£5,000313 Jul 2021
L3315 Weeks-£1,500209 Jul 2021
L3614 Weeks-£4,357701 Jul 2021
L377 Weeks-£13,000511 Aug 2021
L380 Weeks£0017 Jul 2022
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