How Fast Do Houses Sell in Hemel Hempstead? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Hemel Hempstead

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
HP118 Weeks-£11,2893705 Jun 2018
HP218 Weeks-£13,5156401 Jun 2018
HP319 Weeks-£11,5745404 Jun 2018
HP419 Weeks-£30,3982905 Jun 2018
HP518 Weeks-£13,9224301 Jun 2018
HP618 Weeks-£23,4962911 Jun 2018
HP718 Weeks-£25,3131407 Jun 2018
HP820 Weeks-£24,8181106 Jun 2018
HP917 Weeks-£54,5652302 Jun 2018
HP1020 Weeks-£18,3874106 Jun 2018
HP1121 Weeks-£10,8831809 Jun 2018
HP1221 Weeks-£9,3332804 Jun 2018
HP1319 Weeks-£10,7666904 Jun 2018
HP1424 Weeks-£11,5771807 Jun 2018
HP1518 Weeks-£14,8483201 Jun 2018
HP1620 Weeks-£18,0451120 Jun 2018
HP1720 Weeks-£20,7081221 Jun 2018
HP1822 Weeks-£16,7882205 Jun 2018
HP1918 Weeks-£6,5456001 Jun 2018
HP2023 Weeks-£12,3273106 Jun 2018
HP2117 Weeks-£10,6986401 Jun 2018
HP2217 Weeks-£14,9153608 Jun 2018
HP2318 Weeks-£20,5152215 Jun 2018
HP2720 Weeks-£23,6452205 Jun 2018
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