How Fast Do Houses Sell in Carlisle? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Carlisle

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
CA180 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
CA117 Weeks-£3,4942804 Oct 2018
CA216 Weeks-£3,5606402 Oct 2018
CA317 Weeks-£4,6353205 Oct 2018
CA419 Weeks-£8,0731310 Oct 2018
CA519 Weeks-£6,166912 Oct 2018
CA618 Weeks-£6,612431 Oct 2018
CA719 Weeks-£8,5432303 Oct 2018
CA821 Weeks-£6,222910 Oct 2018
CA912 Weeks-£5,666317 Oct 2018
CA1018 Weeks-£5,9001006 Nov 2018
CA1117 Weeks-£7,7842601 Oct 2018
CA1219 Weeks-£7,071701 Oct 2018
CA1316 Weeks-£6,5212604 Oct 2018
CA1417 Weeks-£6,1385201 Oct 2018
CA1518 Weeks-£7,1472009 Oct 2018
CA1613 Weeks-£3,9001104 Oct 2018
CA1715 Weeks-£7,250406 Nov 2018
CA190 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
CA2029 Weeks-£5,000112 Dec 2018
CA2115 Weeks-£12,487428 Oct 2018
CA2218 Weeks-£6,3471906 Oct 2018
CA2319 Weeks-£2,600516 Oct 2018
CA2416 Weeks-£4,380506 Oct 2018
CA2516 Weeks-£6,799506 Nov 2018
CA2616 Weeks-£3,983315 Oct 2018
CA2718 Weeks-£2,500111 Mar 2019
CA2818 Weeks-£5,7374704 Oct 2018
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