How Fast Do Houses Sell in Bournemouth? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Bournemouth

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
BH118 Weeks-£10,038907 Jun 2018
BH215 Weeks-£8,500506 Jul 2018
BH322 Weeks-£15,714704 Jun 2018
BH423 Weeks-£7,737416 Aug 2018
BH513 Weeks-£10,421706 Jun 2018
BH614 Weeks-£11,5043202 Jun 2018
BH716 Weeks-£23,5772404 Jun 2018
BH816 Weeks-£19,4633602 Jun 2018
BH915 Weeks-£9,2365401 Jun 2018
BH1017 Weeks-£13,2955304 Jun 2018
BH1116 Weeks-£8,7964501 Jun 2018
BH1216 Weeks-£7,9604601 Jun 2018
BH139 Weeks-£121,642708 Jun 2018
BH1413 Weeks-£21,4264301 Jun 2018
BH1515 Weeks-£7,7547106 Jun 2018
BH1617 Weeks-£6,1514105 Jun 2018
BH1716 Weeks-£6,6535701 Jun 2018
BH1814 Weeks-£9,7012108 Jun 2018
BH1914 Weeks-£10,8952009 Jun 2018
BH2017 Weeks-£13,1443406 Jun 2018
BH2115 Weeks-£14,4874901 Jun 2018
BH2214 Weeks-£8,6913605 Jun 2018
BH2315 Weeks-£11,18512601 Jun 2018
BH2417 Weeks-£12,3962706 Jun 2018
BH2517 Weeks-£17,8894805 Jun 2018
BH3116 Weeks-£9,4674704 Jun 2018
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