28-Day Express House Sale

Below is a flowchart which explains our quick estate agency sale process from start to finish.

Contact us 24 hours, 7 days a week for more information or a no-obligation chat about how we can help…

Initial Phone Discussion

Initial Phone Discussion

An open discussion about your current situation regarding the sale of your home.

In some cases, for example, it may be suitable to discuss our quick cash house sale option.

To help us put together an accurate valuation*, we'll ask some quick questions:

  • The size of the property and how the rooms are split;
  • What kind of condition the property is in;
  • If you have undertaken any refurbishment or extension works;
  • The age of the central heating system and electrics;
  • If you're aware of any structural issues or problems like subsidence or damp;
  • Any specific features that make your home different from others in your neighbourhood.

* Please scroll down to find out more about our house valuation methodology.

28-Day Estate Agency Service

28-Day Estate Agency Service

We'll explain how we'll get you a firm open market offer for your property in 28 days.

Some of the key benefits of our express home sale service include:

  • Consistent 5-star reviews;
  • Full access to all major property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, the House Shop, Home.co.uk and many more (see where we advertise);
  • High-resolution photography, floorplans and high impact 'for sale' boards;
  • 24/7 enquiry line/chat service;
  • Accompanied viewings – including evenings and weekends – as well as rapid feedback;
  • Weekly sales reports (with up-to-date information from Rightmove and Zoopla);
  • Complete sales progression;
  • No sale, no fee (you don't pay us a penny until we sell);
  • No minimum contract (you're free to leave without any cost if you're not happy with our service).

Assuming you don't have any further questions about our service, we'll schedule a time to call back whilst we engage in some detailed research.

Check Property Solvers Credentials

Check Property Solvers Credentials

You can rest assured that our sales managers will focus on getting you the best possible price and outcome.

Whilst waiting for our call back, we would encourage our clients to check our credentials.

We are registered with the following regulatory bodies:

  • The Property Ombudsman (TPO) – on the Find a TPO member page, enter Property Solvers into 'Business Name' and we will appear;
  • Trading Standards (Approved Code) – on the Find an approved code member page select 'Or search by Business Type & Location' at the bottom of the purple box. Then enter Property Solvers in the Business Name box, click search and we will appear;
  • Information Commissioner's Office – click here to see our entry details on the Data protection register;
  • Anti-Money Laundering Regulations – it is not possible to check our registration online.  However, we are more than happy to forward a copy of our registration (email us at info@propertysolvers.co.uk);
  • Our company registration number at Companies House is 05878362.
House Valuation

House Valuation

We usually need some time (no more than a few hours) to undertake some research into the property.

Using the latest technology we're able to find out the basics about your property (including size, previous sales data, information about the local area).

To value homes, Property Solvers uses HM Land Registry-sourced data (see our house valuation post).

It would be great if you could sit in front of a computer so that we can show some real data (remember, it's 100% free).

We will also ask you if you have invested any funds into refurbishment or developing the property.

For example, if you have a brand new kitchen, bathroom, conservatory, extension etc. then we would certainly suggest pushing up the asking price.

By how much will be something we can discuss once visiting the property (see below).

We continually stress the importance of being realistic with your asking price.

Obviously, you don't want to end up kicking yourself down the line but you also want to avoid leaving your house lingering on the market unsold.

Furthermore, even if you manage to get a higher price, there's a risk that it could get downvalued at survey.

You may want to check out our local house market tool which shows:

  • How fast properties are taking to sell in your postcode over the last year;
  • The average difference between asking prices (Rightmove) and sold prices (HM Land Registry).

We will provide you with an approximate idea of what we're confident the property will sell for after putting it on the market for 28 days.

Appointment at Your Property

Appointment at Your Property

Although not compulsory, we usually organise a face-to-face meeting at the property.

We usually request a tour of the house and will look to confirm a few details based on our initial research.

We'll then sit down with you to discuss the valuation and explain why we'll do the best job of getting your house sold.

This is a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about our service.

Remember that, like most estate agents, we won't tie you in for months on end.  If you're not happy with our services you can leave with no questions asked.

Unlike a growing number of agents, if we don't sell for you, we won't charge you a penny...

Agree Sale Price and Start the Process

Agree Sale Price and Start the Process

We will confirm the house sale price, our fee structure and ensure you are completely happy to move forward.

Our initial checks involve:

  • Downloading the Title Register from HM Land Registry to confirm ownership of the property;
  • Undertaking Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks as this is a requirement by law.  We will need two forms of identification (passport / drivers licence and a recent utility bill usually suffice).  Don't worry though, we'll fully explain what you'll need to send us and be there if you need any help;
  • If you do not have one already, we need to organise an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  Where necessary, we usually get this done with the photos and floorplan.
Property Solvers Express Home Sale Fees

Property Solvers Express Home Sale Fees

Our fees start at 1.25% of the eventual sales price and include all of the services above (click here for a full breakdown).

We generally recommend booking unlimited viewings as this means you can avoid any supplementary costs.  However, this choice is entirely up to you.

Please also note only require payment once we have successfully sold your home.  We do charge a fee should you require us to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Sales Agreement (Contract)

Sales Agreement (Contract)

You will receive our contract for you to read through and ask any questions.

This may be on the same day of the appointment or we can email it to you (and any co-owners) to e-sign.

Please note that this contract does not tie you into using our services.  You're completely free to leave if you're dissatisfied in any way.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with how we work, you can leave without any questions.

We also won't charge you anything until the sale is 100% done and dusted.

Once the contract is signed, the sale of your house will be in our capable hands!

Marketing (Getting Your Property Sold Quickly!)

Marketing (Getting Your Property Sold Quickly!)

We will get on with organising the following:

A Bright and Sturdy 'For Sale' Board – this will be placed in a prominent position in front of the property so it's visible from all angles.  It will have a freephone contact number that is manned 24/7 so we never miss an enquiry;

Photos & Floorplans – these will be undertaken in high-resolution by a professional photographer to ensure we can bring out the best in your property.  Note that this appointment may coincide with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC);

Property Descriptions – with over 30 year's collective experience in buying and selling properties, we know how to put together appealing advertisements that will resonate with serious buyers.

Dealing with Enquiries

Dealing with Enquiries

You can rest assured that we will handle every single enquiry will be handled with the highest level of professionalism.

We see every phone call as a potential buyer and have a conversation to see what kind of position they are in.

Some of the crucial questions include:

  • When are they planning to buy?  For example, some people may just be seeing what's on the market and have no serious intentions;
  • Do they have a mortgage approved?  Serious buyers usually have their finances in order to be able to move fast;
  • How will they be funding the deposit to buy your house?
  • Is the buyer's house on the market?  Whilst we certainly wouldn't dismiss a buyer who's in a complicated chain, it's better to deal with buyers who are cash ready;
  • If they are a first-time buyer, will they be accessing the government's Help to Buy scheme?

We will keep you informed of all the interest we receive and welcome your input throughout this process.

Viewings and Open Days

Viewings and Open Days

We will organise viewings of your property, which can be conducted 7 days a week (including evenings).

It's entirely up to you whether you wish to be present or not.

Most of our clients are happy to leave the keys with sales managers or we can organise a key safe box.

Our aim is to walk prospective buyers around your property with the aim of generating offers.

We would encourage you to take a look at our 101 tips to sell your house quickly blog post.  We've put together a range of useful pointers that will help you secure the best price in a short timeframe.

We also often find that running open days is an excellent way to drum up interest in a property.  Note that we can also organise open mornings and afternoons.

Our aim here is to invite several viewers at the same time and encourage a 'bidding war'.

Feedback and Weekly Reports

Feedback and Weekly Reports

We will send you a weekly report that contains data directly from Rightmove and Zoopla – the UK's two leading property portals.

Here you'll be able to see how many people are seeing your home online.

We often notice that the number of views peaks when a property first goes on the market.

This is a testament to the importance of pricing your house correctly to get the offers coming in at an early stage.

Offers and Buyer Checks

Offers and Buyer Checks

Once buyers express an interest in your property, our sales manager will conduct a process of bidding.

We make a point of checking the buyer's position and confirm that they are genuinely proceedable.

We'll then come back to you with the offer prices.

If you are not happy with the offer or would simply like us to ask any questions or clarifications, we are entirely at your disposal.

We would also understand if you would like some time to think.  It's a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Assuming you are completely happy with the offer price, before starting the sale process, we'll request the buyer's proof of mortgage finance (decision in principle) and deposit.

Sale Agreed and Conveyancing

Sale Agreed and Conveyancing

Once the sale price is agreed upon, it's time to start the conveyancing (legal) process.

You may already have a solicitor that you would like to use to act on your behalf.

If not, we have a number of recommended contacts that charge very reasonable fees and are accustomed to working towards fast deadlines.

We will also request the buyer's solicitor details and create a Memorandum of Sale.

This will contain the agreed price, yours and the buyer's contact details as well as other relevant information.

The solicitors can start work straight away.

You will be sent a 'Sellers Pack' that should be completed and sent back as quickly as possible.

The following forms will need to be filled out:

  • TA6: Property Information Form;
  • TA10: Fixtures & Contents Form;
  • TA7: Leasehold Information Form (where needed).

Click here to see specimens via the Law Society website.

The solicitor will also require:

  • 2 forms of certified identification;
  • Any warranties, guarantees, planning permission, building control certificates etc.;
  • The Title Plan / Register.  Note that we can supply these documents if you do not have copies;
  • Other information related to the property that can help move things forward.
Survey, Searches and Sales Progression

Survey, Searches and Sales Progression

If a buyer is using a mortgage to fund the purchase, a survey will need to be booked in.

As agents, the lender will usually contact us and we will either liaise with you or provide your number directly.

In the meantime, the solicitors will check through all the paperwork.

The buyer's solicitor will also undertake Local Authority, Environmental, Water/Drainage, Chancel repair, Coal/Tin mining, Brine/Common Registration and Clay searches.

The solicitors will communicate between themselves and raise enquiries.  This is a standard process and there's usually nothing to worry about.

Exchange and Completion

Exchange and Completion

Assuming the survey comes back fine and there are no further enquiries, the solicitors will agree for an exchange and completion date.

You will be sent a Transfer (TR1) form to sign and send back.  Note that this form will need to be independently witnessed (your solicitor will explain in detail).

These can often happen on the same day, over a couple of days or even weeks.  In most cases, most buyers and sellers prefer to get these processes done quickly.

Most properties are sold with vacant possession and you will therefore need to plan for what is often a big move.

Although Property Solvers cannot help with removals, we can certainly help you in the right direction.

We often recommend trying out removal comparison sites like Compare My Move, Really Moving and Get a Mover.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

The team at Property Solvers Express Home Sales will be available to help with any plans you have made once your house is sold.

You can call our 24/7 helpline (0800 044 3733) where we would be more than happy to assist in any way we can.