Why Use an Express Estate Agency? Property Solvers [Updated January 2019]
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Why Use an Express Estate Agency?

In this post, we look at the estate agency industry as a whole, the realities of selling in 2019 and some things to bear in mind when valuing your house.

We then explain what an express estate agency is and how using this type of service is a good way to get the price you want on your terms.

Towards the end, there’s also some information about our own services.

Why House

Estate Agencies Today

Estate Agencies TodayFuelled by fast-moving technology, buying and selling homes has changed massively in recent years.

Portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location have become estate agents shop windows.  Within a few clicks, you can see what’s on the market, book a viewing, get updates and much more.

Then there’s been the growth of online estate agencies, hot on the heels of the traditional high street, corporate and family-run operations.  With services like 24/7 booking and smartphone apps, our industry is finally moving into the 21st century.

These days you can pay as little as £99 for an online estate agent to sell your house.  Here, of course, you’ll need to take more of a ‘hands-on’ role – but the option is there if you choose.

Yet, even so, evidence suggests that most homeowners still prefer dealing with estate agents face-to-face.

The Truth About Selling Your House in 2019

So, despite all these advances, why does buying and selling a home remain one of the most stressful experiences people go through?

Here are some facts worth noting…

House Selling Facts 2019House Selling Facts 2019

Of course, delays, unprepared buyers, time-wasting and changes of heart all have a part to play.  But, more often than not, it’s pricing that causes the most problems.

Estate Agents Want Your Business…

When you’re about to put your house on the market, the general guidance is to ask 3 estate agents around for a valuation.

In most cases, the agent will not be professionally qualified in the same way as a surveyor.  You’ll probably get a price based on what he/she is feeling rather than on real data.

Many will visit your property also mindful that they’re in competition with other agents.  The name of the game is to win business.  Often this means telling you what you want to hear to get you signed up.

When you receive the three valuations, it’s easy to be influenced by the agent that presents you with the highest price.  Who wouldn’t be?  This is often the most valuable thing you own. You’ve put your heart and soul into maintaining it and you don’t want the embarrassment of ‘seller’s remorse’ down the line.

Some agents may also tell you that there will be buyers clamouring to make an offer – sometimes over the asking price.

Reality Check

But even if you get an amazing offer for your property, it doesn’t always mean that things will go your way.

The buyer’s mortgage lender will send a professional valuer to confirm that the sale value is in line with the local market.  If it’s too high, it could get downvalued and potentially put you back to square one.

Your house is then tainted as the ‘one that’s over-priced’ and you may even struggle to get the true market value when it’s back up for sale.

Ultimately, the decision on price is yours.  But we would encourage you to try and look at the evidence and get the balance right.

So how do you do that?

Valuing Your House for a Fair Price

Valuing Your House for a Fair PriceFortunately, these days, it’s never been easier to get a reasonably accurate valuation from your phone or in front of your PC.

Rightmove, Zoopla, UK House Price Index, Net House Prices and others all have brilliant functionality to see sold prices registered at the Land Registry (UK House Price Index).  See our post on how to value your house which explains more.

Yet, even with all the data that’s out there, it’s sometimes not so easy to make ‘apples with apples’ comparisons.

There are factors that could justify a higher price for your property, for example:

  • Perhaps your property is larger than your neighbours (check on the EPC register);
  • You may have invested in improving the property in a way your neighbours haven’t;
  • If you’ve had an extension, conversion or conservatory, then it makes sense for you to command a higher price;
  • Your property may have unique characteristics that strongly appeal to buyers.  For example, many prefer Victorian properties with original features and high ceilings;
  • The position of the property will make a difference.  If your house is further away from the main road, bus stop or some other blight compared to your neighbours, then you may be able to push up the value.

Of course, how much of a premium you should charge on top of is open to debate.  It’s not as simple as saying ‘I’ve have x square foot of extra space, so my property is worth y.’

House valuation is not an exact science as psychology and emotion can come into play.  For example, someone may fall in love with your property on the spot and offer top money without a second thought.  Unlikely, but happens every once in a while…

On the other hand, you may find people cautious about the direction of the market.  For example, more people these days are concerned over how Brexit will impact house prices.

If there are similar properties up for sale in your neighbourhood, the laws of supply and demand come into play.  This can mean that you may be forced to drop your price.

Do your homework, look at the evidence and never rely on estate agents or so-called ‘professional’ opinions.

Here at Property Solvers, we very much welcome the licencing of estate agency professionals in line with Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation standards.  The result, in our view, would be a marketplace based on common sense – and not speculation.

Express Estate Agency Sale

Express Estate Agency SaleSometimes referred to as a hybrid model, express estate agencies embrace the core benefits of using online both and offline services.

The ‘express’ element brings the process of buying and selling homes into the modern age, without losing the personal touch.

You simply put your property up for sale, ignore the silly games and still get a good price for it.  There is very little chance of down-valuation as the price is based on solid data that surveyors use themselves.

Using tried-and-tested marketing methods, you then take advantage of the ‘window of opportunity’ that occurs at the start of the sales process.

This means getting buyers excited about your property.  They won’t look at it as over-valued and be willing to make real offers.  You then avoid months of waiting for it to sell and uncertainty.

To broadly summarise…

Use core, reliable real-time data sources to establish the value of your property.ArrowLook into the size and other features that would justify a higher asking price.ArrowUse the latest technology to get your property in front of the right type of buyer.ArrowLaunch the property to attract competitive bidding from serious buyers only.ArrowConfirmation that the buyer can truly afford to buy and move forward.ArrowWork with experienced solicitors to get things done quickly.

Property Solvers Express Estate Agency

Property Solvers Express Estate Agency Property Solvers has been in quick cash house sale business since 2003.  We’ve spoken to 1,000’s of homeowners over the years – many of whom are in search of a better service than what they’re getting from their local estate agents.

With online estate agents, issues we often hear about include wasted up-front fees, an inferior ‘one size fits all’ service and inexperience.

With high street agents, it’s the slow response times, lack of communication and bad advice that home sellers get most annoyed with.

We set up our express estate agency service to complement our work as private property buyers.  This means that our clients in search of a fast sale do not have to accept a below market value price (unless they need to sell urgently)

We’ve also taken our unique market expertise in the quick sale industry to offer a more well-rounded service.  Our focus is to bring the traditional estate agency practices into the modern age and create a much healthier process.

If you’re looking for a solid and reliable national estate agency to work with, we’re here to help.  Check out our quick video:

To highlight the benefits of working with us:

  • We have over 15 years’ experience of working in both hot and cold markets;
  • We’ll get you a firm offer in 28 days for the best price and minimum fuss;
  • We cut down the time it takes to sell through streamlining the process by using the latest cutting-edge technology.  This includes electronic signatures for contracts, fast onboarding process, weekly reports from the major portals, quick feedback on viewings, direct communication channels with solicitors and conveyancers.  In short, we never miss a beat!
  • We’ll market your property on all the major portals including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, Home.co.uk, The House Shop, Mouse Price and many more;
  • A pricing structure that ensures our properties sell in the least time possible.  No more wasted viewings and continuous price drops;
  • No tie-in contracts.  If you’re not happy with our service, you’re free to leave without paying a penny;
  • A full 24/7 service so we attend to every enquiry and cut down on the ‘wait around time’.  Chat with us at the bottom right of your browser, call on 0800 044 3733 or drop us an email at info@propertysolvers.co.uk and you’ll see what we mean;
  • We’ll look at your situation and take a clear approach that places you in the driving seat;
  • Where needed, we can put you in touch with our fast conveyancing team (that normally deals with our 7-day sales).
 PS Express Estate AgencyHigh Street Agency
Free ValuationYesYes
Accompanied ViewingsYesYes
100% of Market ValueYesYes
Photos and FloorplansYesYes
Major Portal AccessYesYes
Electronic ContractsYesNo
Book Viewings OnlineYesNo
24/7 Call AnsweringYesNo
Online Chat Support 24/7YesNo
Time to Sell28 Days2-3 Months
Selling Fees1.25*-1.5%1-3%

*This service is for up to a maximum of 10 accompanied viewings.  Note that we also do not charge any up-front fees.  If you’re not happy with our service, you can leave with no questions asked.