Is Spring the Best Time to Sell a House?

Is Spring the Best Time to Sell a House?Spring is one of the most popular seasons for property buying – not least because of its connotation with new starts. 

Many estate agents often report an increase in activity levels at this time of year.

It’s easy to understand why… As the weather starts to improve, more people step out of their ‘shells’ in search of a new home.

If you’ve already given your home a ‘spring clean’, it will be in the perfect condition to receive viewings and for pictures to be taken.

After a successful spring house hunt, all being well, the move can happen in the summer.  Logistically, things are likely to be easier (less chance of rain and other practical disruptions).

Gardens in spring look refreshed but not overgrown, with more new leaves and buds appearing each day.

What’s even better is that your outdoor greenery will need less taming than it would if you were selling in peak growing season, so it doesn’t take much to get it looking perfect.

The days are beginning to get longer in spring after months of long, dark nights and early sunsets, so people are happy to give a little more of their time up for viewings.

One downside of selling in spring is that the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, with cold snaps and lengthy wet spells dropping in without warning.

This can reduce peoples’ willingness to be out and about and may even lead to last-minute dropouts when it comes to viewings.  However, it’s not worth letting this hold you back…

Tips for Selling Your House in the SpringTips for selling your house in the springTips for Selling Your House in the Spring

  • Clear debris such as dead leaves out of your garden before you welcome any viewers or have pictures taken; 
  • As long as it’s not too wet, it’s usually a good time to cut down the grass;
  • Remove all the winter grime and moss;
  • Take a look up at the roof and sort out any missing tiles, damaged flashing etc.
  • Make sure your house has great kerb appeal such as repairing any damage to the exterior over the winter months.  The entrance to your house should look pleasant and inviting;
  • It can be worth giving the house a fresh lick of paint or at least get rid of any smudges and marks across the house;
  • Freshen up the kitchen by replacing the cupboard fronts (reasonably cheap to do);
  • Similarly, redoing the grout and/or redoing the tiles in the bathroom can give it a nice fresh feel;
  • Deal with issues like jammed doors, broken door handles / knobs, cracked tiles, scratches, marks etc.
  • Try to push for earlier viewings, as, until the clocks go forward, it will still get dark quite early and your property will look much better in full daylight;
  • Make sure you’ve cleared out all the winter clutter to make the house look spacious and airy;
  • Place some fresh springtime flowers and home-made potpourri around the house;
  • If you do decide on doing some redecorating, ensure you use a neutral colour pallet (greys and whites currently work well, for example);
  • It’s amazing how spring highlights some of the dirt that accumulates over the cold months.  A deep clean from top to bottom and swept away the cobwebs so that your house can be presented as beautifully as possible;
  • Check when your house was built and whether there are interesting features that you could draw people’s attention to;
  • Clean skirting boards/architraves, coving, internal doors, mattresses, sofas and other soft furnishings.  It’s sometimes worth hiring a professional cleaner or getting specific tools for jobs like these;
  • Remember to remove carpet stains and threadbare.  It’s also a good idea to wax clean any wood flooring you have;
  • Spring temperatures can be notoriously difficult to gauge. Try to keep your house at a nice constant level of warmth so that potential buyers feel cosy when visiting;
  • It’s also worth checking the weather (using this Met Office app for example) to see if you can line up the viewings when there’s more likelihood of sun.

Remember, many of the above tips can be applied at any time of the year.

Is Summer the Best Time to Sell a House?

Is Summer the Best Time to Sell a House?Summer is another great time for house sales.

It’s usually the best time of year for warm, sunny weather.  This puts everyone in a more positive mood, makes the surrounding environment look great and coaxes gardens into full bloom.

Couples with children often feel more inclined to arrange a viewing when their children are available to come along and take a look – so the end of the academic year provides the ideal opportunity.

The long summer break also makes it easier for many families to orchestrate a big move.

Most parents are also keen for their kids to be settled in a new property before the beginning of the next school year.

The long hours of sunlight mean that you’ll be able to take great pictures for your home’s profile and viewings can take place later in the day if necessary.

The downside of selling in summer is that many potential buyers may be away on lengthy holidays – and, if you don’t keep on top of your gardening as well as all of the admin that comes with putting a house on the market, you could find yourself trying to sell a jungle!

Tips for Selling Your House in the SummerTips for selling your house in the summerTips for Selling Your House in the Summer

  • Mow your lawn, prune your shrubs and weed and water your garden regularly – summertime provides the perfect weather for plants, and a beautiful garden is a huge selling point.
  • Make the most of a sunny spell to take great pictures of your property;
  • Use natural light where you can; it makes rooms look larger and more welcoming;
  • Summer afternoons and weekends are great times to arrange viewings – the pubs, restaurants and parks are full at these times, making your neighbourhood look livelier;
  • If your neighbour’s property is not looking great, offer to give them a hand to sort things out (within reason!);
  • Try to be as available for viewings as you can. The longer days will make later viewings more likely, so you can fit in more visits from potential buyers.

Is Autumn the Best Time to Sell a House?

Is Autumn the Best Time to Sell a House?Many people want to be in their new home by Christmas, which often means that there is something of a rush when it comes to viewings in autumn.

The changing colours in trees and gardens can make your neighbourhood look beautiful.

It’s likely that your outdoor areas will have had a chance to calm down a little after their summer bonanza – so they will be easier to keep on top of.

However, the window for daylight viewings will get narrower as the months wear on and the days shorten.

Plus, the weather is often more likely to take a turn for the worse (usually as Halloween and Guy Fawkes night approach).

It’s therefore good to be on the ball and try to arrange for early viewings where possible.

Remember to also check that you have been valuing your house correctly.  The end of the summer season can sometimes see a shifting trend in prices.

Tips for Selling Your House in the AutumnTips for selling your house in the autumnTips for Selling Your House in the Autumn

  • Keep your garden clear of leaves, stray firework shells and other debris that builds up later in the year;
  • Make sure that your house is always warm and cosy. Why not add a sweet autumnal vibe into your colour scheme?
  • Keep a close eye on the changing light and try to arrange viewings for brighter hours;
  • Make it clear to viewers that you’re prepared for a quick turnover – this will reassure them that everything will be done by Christmas;
  • As it gets dark early, it’s worth installing some external lighting. Front and back sensor lighting is reasonably priced these days.

Is Winter the Best Time to Sell a House?

Is Winter the Best Time to Sell a House?Home interiors can often look their best in the winter, with decorations and lights adorning every room ready for Christmas.

The colder months are the perfect time to make your home as cosy, snug and appealing as possible.

This can help viewers get a real sense of domestic bliss and comfort.

Plus, despite the cold weather, a little sprinkling of snow can make a facade or garden look truly magical.

Winter features another major school holiday – the perfect viewing or moving time for families with children.

What’s more, the seasonal gathering of large groups in one property is enough to persuade many people that they need more space / a bigger kitchen / somewhere to escape to!

Of course, the downside of selling in winter is that budgets are often lower as a result of the costs involved in preparing for Christmas. 

The weather is unpredictable too, and the hours of sunlight shorter.

However, the dawning of the new year regularly inspires people to make a fresh start, so there’s often a spike in home viewings around that time.

If you’re selling your property over winter, you might want to include an image of your property in warmer weather in its sales brochure alongside the frostier-looking images! 

Alternatively, leave a photo album or tablet on the side for people to take look at.

Tips for Selling Your House in the WinterTips for selling your house in the winterTips for Selling Your House in the Winter

  • Keep your garden looking beautiful to combat the often gloomy weather. Add a few winter flowering plants for extra colour, and decorate with outdoor string lights to glow cheerfully in the dark! Take care to grit or salt paths for safety;
  • Make sure your property is always snuggly and warm. If you’ve got a fireplace, try to get a roaring fire on the go whenever you have a viewing for an extra touch of romance;
  • Keep an eye on the roof, guttering, soffits, fascias and other external elements.  If you have people visiting on a bad day, problems like these can get easily noticed and raise concerns;
  • As we tend to dry clothes indoors over the colder months, make sure the property is well-ventilated.  Signs of condensation can often get misinterpreted as damp;
  • Go the extra mile with your decor to give potential buyers a little inspiration and to help them imagine what the festive season would be like in your house.
  • Make sure that all of your rooms are well lit before you start to accept viewings, as a lack of natural light can make things look a little dim.
  • People may still want to take a look at the garden. You may want to plant some winter flowers and also put up some bird feeders…

To Conclude… Is There a Good Time of Year to Sell your House?

As you can see, every season has its positive elements, from beautiful weather to seasonal cheer.

There are also downsides to each – whether you’re battling the weather, competing with sunny getaways or struggling to keep your outdoor areas presentable.

In the end, you can be equally successful attempting to sell your property in spring, summer, autumn or winter.  Check out our 101 sell house quickly tips for some useful pointers, irrespective of the season.

You just need to understand the challenges you’re facing, plan carefully and harness the positive aspects of your chosen season.

It’s also worth noting that external ‘macro’ factors can affect the property market in an unexpected manner (regardless of the season).

It’s also worth checking local infrastructure projects and public works to make sure there are no obvious disruptions when people are looking around.

Above all, more often than not, we aren’t in a position to pick and choose when and how quickly we need to sell. For this reason, the time of year is not worth worrying too much over.

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