It is common knowledge that “quick sale” property companies offer purchase prices below what homeowners are usually willing to accept.  The thought of selling at an under market-value price can leave a sour taste in sellers mouths and a negative perception about the private sales industry as a whole. This, of course, is completely understandable. Homeowners have worked hard to buy in the first place and are naturally reluctant to accept such a proposition.

In most situations, after exploring the various options available, we often find that there is a straightforward solution – meaning that the fast sale route does not even need consideration.  When there is a need for a quick exchange of contracts, however, we will explain some of the main benefits of working with a company like Property Solvers and allow you some time to make your own decision.

For example, as professional business owners, we look at purchasing property from a different perspective to the average homebuyer. Typically, the property will be purchased for rental purposes which means that there are a range of extra purchase / ownership expenses and business overheads. As professional landlords, we also have a range regulatory compliance issues to meet as well as stricter forms of taxation that will come into play this year.

In circumstances where the property may need extensive refurbishment works, the associated costs and time lags will all have to be calculated to achieve a standard profit margin in line with industry standards. There may also be instances where we can offer the full market value for a property, although this is usually for larger projects where there is planning and development potential.

Whether we buy the property directly or work with one of our investor associates, we guarantee to exchange and complete in as little as 7 days. This means that there will be no mortgage costs, council tax or other bills to pay whilst you are waiting for the sale to go through. It is also worth bearing in mind that our clients do not pay Estate Agent fees, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), legal or any other associated transaction costs.

We feel it is important to be up front about our risks when acquiring investment properties and are happy to to discuss the realities of our business operations.  Please feel free to call Property Solvers 24/7 on 0800 044 3733 (freephone from your mobile) or fill your details in the contact box and we will be back in touch for an informal and no-obligation conversation.