Regional House Market Data

Results for Stoke-On-Trent

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
ST14 Weeks-£2,375418 Nov 2019
ST26 Weeks-£9,743816 Nov 2019
ST311 Weeks-£4,2411213 Nov 2019
ST411 Weeks-£2,590513 Nov 2019
ST69 Weeks-£6,1451211 Nov 2019
ST79 Weeks-£12,421716 Nov 2019
ST89 Weeks-£5,500123 Dec 2019
ST93 Weeks-£8,362418 Nov 2019
ST109 Weeks-£2,975216 Dec 2019
ST1115 Weeks-£15,000118 Nov 2019
ST120 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
Stoke-on-Trent Map (House Sale Data)
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