How Fast Do Houses Sell in Shrewsbury? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Shrewsbury

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SY116 Weeks-£4,4816301 Jun 2018
SY215 Weeks-£3,8164101 Jun 2018
SY315 Weeks-£5,58310901 Jun 2018
SY416 Weeks-£11,9824605 Jun 2018
SY520 Weeks-£7,8352505 Jun 2018
SY615 Weeks-£14,7501020 Jun 2018
SY718 Weeks-£5,5561606 Jun 2018
SY818 Weeks-£7,7924501 Jun 2018
SY915 Weeks-£7,714712 Jun 2018
SY1018 Weeks-£13,7861505 Jun 2018
SY1118 Weeks-£5,0816301 Jun 2018
SY1217 Weeks-£5,9862101 Jun 2018
SY1311 Weeks-£7,3702901 Jun 2018
SY1416 Weeks-£6,299502 Jun 2018
SY1520 Weeks-£5,488915 Jun 2018
SY1615 Weeks-£3,7002506 Jun 2018
SY1718 Weeks-£4,391607 Aug 2018
SY1814 Weeks-£5,6451101 Jun 2018
SY1919 Weeks-£3,000122 Jun 2018
SY2021 Weeks-£4,799522 Aug 2018
SY2118 Weeks-£6,4882001 Jun 2018
SY2218 Weeks-£8,5961311 Jul 2018
SY2315 Weeks-£11,2341905 Jun 2018
SY2416 Weeks-£12,420507 Aug 2018
SY2523 Weeks-£4,950131 Jul 2018
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