How Fast Do Houses Sell in Sheffield? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated July 2020]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Sheffield

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
S19 Weeks£0127 Sep 2019
S20 Weeks£0019 Sep 2020
S39 Weeks-£3,000105 Nov 2019
S40 Weeks£0019 Sep 2020
S515 Weeks-£2,8181119 Sep 2019
S613 Weeks-£3,1301517 Sep 2019
S711 Weeks-£11,750211 Oct 2019
S814 Weeks-£2,0401115 Sep 2019
S914 Weeks-£5,000203 Oct 2019
S1014 Weeks-£5,383916 Sep 2019
S1115 Weeks-£1,250414 Sep 2019
S1219 Weeks-£3,714716 Sep 2019
S1315 Weeks-£1,237419 Sep 2019
S1413 Weeks-£3,250227 Oct 2019
S1713 Weeks-£7,187819 Sep 2019
S2013 Weeks£0218 Sep 2019
S2112 Weeks-£2,700527 Sep 2019
S2517 Weeks-£7,3591117 Sep 2019
S2616 Weeks-£4,556817 Sep 2019
S3515 Weeks-£2,4011518 Sep 2019
S3611 Weeks-£7,4351717 Sep 2019
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