How Fast Do Houses Sell in Reading? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Reading

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
RG120 Weeks-£14,4552307 Oct 2018
RG217 Weeks-£7,5742505 Oct 2018
RG417 Weeks-£18,2755910 Oct 2018
RG518 Weeks-£7,7171802 Oct 2018
RG619 Weeks-£16,9093202 Oct 2018
RG718 Weeks-£16,9983101 Oct 2018
RG818 Weeks-£28,1331504 Oct 2018
RG919 Weeks-£33,5572501 Oct 2018
RG1020 Weeks-£18,2952005 Oct 2018
RG1217 Weeks-£8,7974401 Oct 2018
RG1420 Weeks-£9,4703704 Oct 2018
RG1718 Weeks-£9,9151305 Oct 2018
RG1819 Weeks-£12,1902102 Oct 2018
RG1919 Weeks-£6,0623701 Oct 2018
RG2021 Weeks-£14,3731001 Oct 2018
RG2121 Weeks-£9,8213703 Oct 2018
RG2220 Weeks-£7,1665304 Oct 2018
RG2322 Weeks-£9,7161801 Oct 2018
RG2418 Weeks-£7,5353401 Oct 2018
RG2521 Weeks-£17,2501002 Oct 2018
RG2618 Weeks-£6,3772902 Oct 2018
RG2719 Weeks-£49,9721806 Oct 2018
RG2813 Weeks-£8,497203 Oct 2018
RG2917 Weeks-£16,000504 Oct 2018
RG3019 Weeks-£14,4012602 Oct 2018
RG3118 Weeks-£22,3071902 Oct 2018
RG4020 Weeks-£24,9941915 Oct 2018
RG4120 Weeks-£24,5501802 Oct 2018
RG4219 Weeks-£17,0633704 Oct 2018
RG4517 Weeks-£29,7271804 Oct 2018
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