How Fast Do Houses Sell in Oxford? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Oxford

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
OX118 Weeks-£17,2471810 Aug 2018
OX216 Weeks-£19,1914801 Aug 2018
OX316 Weeks-£15,0053410 Aug 2018
OX419 Weeks-£9,0594301 Aug 2018
OX518 Weeks-£17,5883007 Aug 2018
OX718 Weeks-£14,1593102 Aug 2018
OX920 Weeks-£15,7751601 Aug 2018
OX1018 Weeks-£11,7323207 Aug 2018
OX1117 Weeks-£9,2215203 Aug 2018
OX1217 Weeks-£9,0002117 Aug 2018
OX1320 Weeks-£15,1501614 Aug 2018
OX1418 Weeks-£11,0375902 Aug 2018
OX1518 Weeks-£16,8822801 Aug 2018
OX1619 Weeks-£8,1856101 Aug 2018
OX1717 Weeks-£11,1861910 Aug 2018
OX1819 Weeks-£15,4312201 Aug 2018
OX2017 Weeks-£10,6201223 Aug 2018
OX2519 Weeks-£10,833604 Sep 2018
OX2618 Weeks-£8,5253701 Aug 2018
OX2718 Weeks-£24,778723 Aug 2018
OX2816 Weeks-£7,7364401 Aug 2018
OX2918 Weeks-£18,4032902 Aug 2018
OX3319 Weeks-£15,8831806 Aug 2018
OX3913 Weeks-£10,666606 Sep 2018
OX4417 Weeks-£23,4541114 Aug 2018
OX4921 Weeks-£14,999808 Aug 2018
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