Regional House Market Data

Results for Manchester

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
M10 Weeks£0006 Mar 2021
M315 Weeks£0101 Jul 2020
M411 Weeks-£6,650324 Mar 2020
M815 Weeks-£6,200502 Mar 2020
M916 Weeks-£1,9631504 Mar 2020
M1117 Weeks-£5,658611 Mar 2020
M1212 Weeks-£4,825612 Mar 2020
M1318 Weeks-£5,000218 Jun 2020
M1419 Weeks-£3,5701202 Mar 2020
M1517 Weeks-£3,181810 Mar 2020
M1619 Weeks-£17,7402109 Mar 2020
M1820 Weeks-£5,4281404 Mar 2020
M1916 Weeks-£4,3642103 Mar 2020
M2019 Weeks-£7,4926105 Mar 2020
M2119 Weeks-£5,5514006 Mar 2020
M2214 Weeks-£6,8753504 Mar 2020
M2319 Weeks-£4,4813605 Mar 2020
M2416 Weeks-£3,6176702 Mar 2020
M2517 Weeks-£7,3413502 Mar 2020
M2614 Weeks-£5,4387602 Mar 2020
M2716 Weeks-£4,1086904 Mar 2020
M2818 Weeks-£6,5618803 Mar 2020
M2917 Weeks-£2,7374906 Mar 2020
M3023 Weeks-£12,0792903 Mar 2020
M3114 Weeks-£7,062804 Mar 2020
M3216 Weeks-£6,5585003 Mar 2020
M3419 Weeks-£4,5515302 Mar 2020
M3517 Weeks-£5,8883002 Mar 2020
M3817 Weeks-£1,600920 Mar 2020
M4017 Weeks-£3,5473804 Mar 2020
M4119 Weeks-£6,1509002 Mar 2020
M4317 Weeks-£3,7813709 Mar 2020
M4416 Weeks-£4,5442003 Mar 2020
M4515 Weeks-£4,3792902 Mar 2020
M4615 Weeks-£3,1113409 Mar 2020
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