How Fast Do Houses Sell in Manchester? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Manchester

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
M115 Weeks-£6,150314 Aug 2019
M319 Weeks-£500219 Aug 2019
M40 Weeks£0003 Jun 2020
M820 Weeks-£7,833611 Jun 2019
M916 Weeks-£1,7772713 Jun 2019
M1120 Weeks-£2,785718 Jun 2019
M1215 Weeks-£4,875419 Jun 2019
M1321 Weeks-£13,333304 Jul 2019
M1417 Weeks-£6,1122406 Jun 2019
M1517 Weeks-£4,6881319 Jun 2019
M1618 Weeks-£9,0341307 Jun 2019
M1817 Weeks-£4,2931505 Jun 2019
M1920 Weeks-£9,4932308 Jun 2019
M2020 Weeks-£11,8483701 Jun 2019
M2120 Weeks-£8,3841301 Jun 2019
M2217 Weeks-£4,1553005 Jun 2019
M2316 Weeks-£6,0474210 Jun 2019
M2417 Weeks-£4,1975003 Jun 2019
M2518 Weeks-£6,0452112 Jun 2019
M2619 Weeks-£3,3344405 Jun 2019
M2717 Weeks-£4,1364003 Jun 2019
M2819 Weeks-£9,7135004 Jun 2019
M2914 Weeks-£3,9384710 Jun 2019
M3017 Weeks-£5,5443404 Jun 2019
M3118 Weeks-£2,0671408 Jun 2019
M3220 Weeks-£5,1163403 Jun 2019
M3418 Weeks-£5,3556304 Jun 2019
M3517 Weeks-£3,8534303 Jun 2019
M3817 Weeks-£5,4121205 Jun 2019
M4017 Weeks-£5,7193007 Jun 2019
M4117 Weeks-£6,8186503 Jun 2019
M4318 Weeks-£4,0623607 Jun 2019
M4415 Weeks-£2,3741406 Jun 2019
M4518 Weeks-£11,7562404 Jun 2019
M4614 Weeks-£3,9983506 Jun 2019
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