Regional House Market Data

Results for Leeds

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
LS10 Weeks£0008 May 2024
LS20 Weeks£0008 May 2024
LS30 Weeks£0008 May 2024
LS419 Weeks-£6,2031304 May 2023
LS520 Weeks-£8,3791005 May 2023
LS619 Weeks-£7,9633602 May 2023
LS717 Weeks-£5,0893103 May 2023
LS817 Weeks-£8,9733902 May 2023
LS916 Weeks-£5,1531610 May 2023
LS1017 Weeks-£4,8913706 May 2023
LS1117 Weeks-£3,7144712 May 2023
LS1217 Weeks-£5,2674902 May 2023
LS1318 Weeks-£5,1816703 May 2023
LS1419 Weeks-£5,9253502 May 2023
LS1519 Weeks-£8,0877501 May 2023
LS1618 Weeks-£12,2216305 May 2023
LS1718 Weeks-£15,2245702 May 2023
LS1819 Weeks-£8,3314504 May 2023
LS1921 Weeks-£9,2933503 May 2023
LS2018 Weeks-£12,0142404 May 2023
LS2518 Weeks-£5,7058003 May 2023
LS2618 Weeks-£5,5896702 May 2023
LS2717 Weeks-£7,2757604 May 2023
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