How Fast Do Houses Sell in Exeter? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Exeter

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
EX117 Weeks-£6,2603508 Jun 2018
EX215 Weeks-£7,1376102 Jun 2018
EX321 Weeks-£20,2461606 Jun 2018
EX415 Weeks-£7,1858901 Jun 2018
EX516 Weeks-£11,7031609 Jun 2018
EX617 Weeks-£7,9302301 Jun 2018
EX716 Weeks-£5,5552601 Jun 2018
EX815 Weeks-£8,3008106 Jun 2018
EX917 Weeks-£8,738907 Jun 2018
EX1016 Weeks-£7,4913103 Jun 2018
EX1119 Weeks-£8,2161502 Jun 2018
EX1217 Weeks-£6,8144304 Jun 2018
EX1319 Weeks-£6,9793201 Jun 2018
EX1414 Weeks-£4,6566102 Jun 2018
EX1516 Weeks-£5,0575601 Jun 2018
EX1618 Weeks-£5,4096306 Jun 2018
EX1717 Weeks-£6,4701901 Jun 2018
EX1815 Weeks-£2,500201 Oct 2018
EX1917 Weeks-£10,2391006 Jun 2018
EX2017 Weeks-£7,3842502 Jun 2018
EX2116 Weeks-£5,223408 Aug 2018
EX2222 Weeks-£8,0662406 Jun 2018
EX2319 Weeks-£8,6213908 Jun 2018
EX2414 Weeks-£12,6111312 Jun 2018
EX3114 Weeks-£7,1654101 Jun 2018
EX3217 Weeks-£6,6424501 Jun 2018
EX3320 Weeks-£6,5942512 Jun 2018
EX3420 Weeks-£6,1463009 Jun 2018
EX357 Weeks-£6,000312 Sep 2018
EX3615 Weeks-£4,6051708 Aug 2018
EX3721 Weeks-£5,000229 Sep 2018
EX3816 Weeks-£3,7341320 Jun 2018
EX3915 Weeks-£5,70611701 Jun 2018
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