Regional House Market Data

Results for Doncaster

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
DN116 Weeks-£6,750405 Jun 2020
DN220 Weeks-£4,2101404 Mar 2020
DN316 Weeks-£6,0724702 Mar 2020
DN417 Weeks-£4,8638502 Mar 2020
DN517 Weeks-£4,7396302 Mar 2020
DN618 Weeks-£5,8512705 Mar 2020
DN720 Weeks-£5,9711811 Mar 2020
DN815 Weeks-£3,1883004 Mar 2020
DN918 Weeks-£7,4483503 Mar 2020
DN1017 Weeks-£8,2881702 Mar 2020
DN1118 Weeks-£4,5455104 Mar 2020
DN1215 Weeks-£3,8761904 Mar 2020
Doncaster Map (House Sale Data)
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