Regional House Market Data

Results for Doncaster

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
DN10 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
DN214 Weeks-£10,000120 Nov 2019
DN38 Weeks-£6,000222 Nov 2019
DN413 Weeks-£3,285711 Nov 2019
DN59 Weeks-£2,500411 Nov 2019
DN613 Weeks-£6,816302 Dec 2019
DN79 Weeks-£2,500213 Nov 2019
DN80 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
DN97 Weeks-£5,487415 Nov 2019
DN1011 Weeks-£7,000310 Nov 2019
DN1115 Weeks-£3,840512 Nov 2019
DN129 Weeks-£2,245222 Nov 2019
Doncaster Map (House Sale Data)
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