How Fast Do Houses Sell in Cardiff? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Cardiff

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
CF314 Weeks-£5,9513503 Dec 2018
CF517 Weeks-£3,7879201 Dec 2018
CF1017 Weeks-£9,500813 Dec 2018
CF1117 Weeks-£5,0573911 Dec 2018
CF1418 Weeks-£7,7209610 Dec 2018
CF1517 Weeks-£4,6872128 Dec 2018
CF2318 Weeks-£11,6484803 Dec 2018
CF2417 Weeks-£5,6785005 Dec 2018
CF3116 Weeks-£4,8099004 Dec 2018
CF3217 Weeks-£6,1394201 Dec 2018
CF3315 Weeks-£3,7732305 Dec 2018
CF3416 Weeks-£5,1503606 Dec 2018
CF3516 Weeks-£5,8963620 Dec 2018
CF3616 Weeks-£8,8871609 Jan 2019
CF3716 Weeks-£3,6962913 Dec 2018
CF3813 Weeks-£3,1564601 Dec 2018
CF3915 Weeks-£4,5492114 Dec 2018
CF4014 Weeks-£5,9181604 Dec 2018
CF4115 Weeks-£3,9931603 Dec 2018
CF4216 Weeks-£3,8021904 Dec 2018
CF4313 Weeks-£3,303807 Jan 2019
CF4416 Weeks-£4,6274402 Dec 2018
CF4516 Weeks-£5,3612310 Dec 2018
CF4616 Weeks-£6,4891913 Dec 2018
CF4716 Weeks-£5,6072612 Dec 2018
CF4818 Weeks-£4,8243106 Dec 2018
CF6117 Weeks-£11,7481918 Jan 2019
CF6215 Weeks-£4,8288503 Dec 2018
CF6314 Weeks-£2,7603612 Dec 2018
CF6417 Weeks-£10,8907101 Dec 2018
CF7119 Weeks-£11,7041222 Jan 2019
CF7216 Weeks-£4,5353901 Dec 2018
CF8118 Weeks-£5,1831202 Feb 2019
CF8217 Weeks-£3,8822513 Dec 2018
CF8315 Weeks-£4,6688803 Dec 2018
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