How Fast Do Houses Sell in Brighton? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Brighton

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
BN118 Weeks-£18,6074401 Aug 2018
BN215 Weeks-£13,6906201 Aug 2018
BN316 Weeks-£17,8053702 Aug 2018
BN521 Weeks-£11,224614 Aug 2018
BN615 Weeks-£17,1381809 Aug 2018
BN719 Weeks-£19,9572820 Aug 2018
BN818 Weeks-£6,0931621 Aug 2018
BN918 Weeks-£7,2361506 Aug 2018
BN1019 Weeks-£6,6602301 Aug 2018
BN1117 Weeks-£14,8145007 Aug 2018
BN1216 Weeks-£14,7814202 Aug 2018
BN1315 Weeks-£6,4194703 Aug 2018
BN1418 Weeks-£12,7854801 Aug 2018
BN1517 Weeks-£10,8883502 Aug 2018
BN1618 Weeks-£11,9055901 Aug 2018
BN1716 Weeks-£7,8454802 Aug 2018
BN1818 Weeks-£12,4602007 Aug 2018
BN2016 Weeks-£13,5234103 Aug 2018
BN2117 Weeks-£8,8732806 Aug 2018
BN2215 Weeks-£7,5186003 Aug 2018
BN2314 Weeks-£6,5524806 Aug 2018
BN2416 Weeks-£9,1211410 Aug 2018
BN2515 Weeks-£12,5843501 Aug 2018
BN2617 Weeks-£5,8852401 Aug 2018
BN2716 Weeks-£5,0072607 Aug 2018
BN4117 Weeks-£9,1723102 Aug 2018
BN4214 Weeks-£5,438931 Aug 2018
BN4313 Weeks-£4,9501801 Aug 2018
BN4419 Weeks-£16,6501325 Aug 2018
BN450 Weeks£0001 Aug 2019
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