Sell Tenanted Property

Sell Tenanted Property

Sell to accredited landlord buyers with 20 years’ experience.

We also run a state-of-the-art auction platform and run the UK’s largest LinkedIn group for property investors (40,000+ members).

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Sell a Tenanted Property (Property Solvers - Home Buyers and Auctioneers)

Sell Your Property with Sitting Tenants

There are many reasons why you may be looking to sell your rental property:

  • The removal of mortgage interest relief is having direct impact your tax bill;
  • Increased regulation and rising costs mean that holding buy-to-let property is more expensive;
  • You have concerns over future interest rate rises;
  • Raising rents is not realistic in the current market;
  • Your rented property may need significant refurbishment.  If you do not have the time, budget or will to do yourself.  Selling up ‘as is’ can give you the clean break to reinvest into property or other asset classes;
  • You have problem tenants, arrears or other management issues and you are losing money;
  • You simply want to release locked-up equity in the property.

Contact Property Solvers 24/7

We will have a no-obligation chat about your real options.  For example, our auction or express sale (hybrid estate agency) service may be better suited to your needs.

Most clients simply want to know more about our sell house fast process. We’ll start with some outline questions with regards to the property, tenants, financials and anything else that will help us get a clear picture.

Within hours, we’ll conduct a full house valuation and you’ll have a firm ‘subject to viewing’ offer and guaranteed completion date. Selling to us directly means no estate agency or auction fees and zero legal costs.

Please enter your postcode and leave some basic details using the form below. You can also call us on 0800 044 3733 (freephone) where we will be waiting to help.

Our Guide to Selling Your Tenanted Property

Please take the time to read our How to Sell Your Tenanted Property guide.

We go through some of the reasons why more landlords are selling up, making the right decision, your real options and how to handle the sale in the best way.

Also, use our calculator to help decide whether you should sell with or without tenants living in the property (i.e. selling with tenants ‘in situ’).

selling a property with tenants

Sell Your Rented Property

Sell Your Rented Property Sell Your Rented Property

Fully-Regulated Fast Property Buyers

You can be safe in the knowledge that we are regulated by a number of recognised institutions and initiatives in the We Buy Any House sector. This ensures that our clients are fully protected throughout the accelerated sale process

Trading Standards Approved Property Solvers
Property Solvers Money Laundering Regulator
Property Solvers Property Ombudsman
National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) Property Solvers
ICO Registered Property Solvers
NAEA PropertyMark

Sell Your Tenanted Property Fast

Please get in touch with us to see any of the credentials above.  We are professional landlord buyers that can show proof of cash funds and move fast.

We buy tenanted properties in any condition and are experienced in taking on problem tenants, arrears and a range of other problems that you no longer want to deal with.

Note that we will never place pressure on you to sell.  We understand that you may be making basic enquiries.

Our lines are also open 24 hours a day: 0800 044 3733 (freephone from your mobile).

Please also use our chat facility at the bottom right of this website.

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Get in Touch with Property Solvers if You're Exploring the Sale of Your Portfolio

Sell A Tenanted Property at Auction

Sell Tenanted Property Through Our Online Auction

Property Solvers can also help you sell your property through our online property auction.

We’ll be able to list the portfolio within very short timeframes and guarantee excellent exposure (see where we advertise).

  • A much safer sale compared to using an estate agent (very low risk of things falling through);
  • Get your property listed and attracting buyers straightaway;
  • Easy use ‘eBay-style’ secure bidding platform (see our example listing). Buyers can bid on your property 24/7 from their PC, laptop or mobile phone;
  • We run the UK’s largest property investor’s and developers group on LinkedIn (40,000+ members);
  • Modern method of auction options available;
  • Discounted legal packs (with ‘pay later’ options available);
  • Buy it Now options (to sell even faster!);
  • No risk of your property getting ‘buried’ in the auction catalogue (like traditional auctions);
  • 24-hour enquiry line and buyer viewings available 7-days a week;
  • Costs to sell reasonably similar to using a traditional / online estate agency;
  • Sell land, commercial and mixed-use properties much faster.

Please feel free to request one of FREE auction valuation reports.

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We Also Buy and Auction Property Portfolios (Check Out Our Sister Page)

Sell a Tenanted Property Portfolio

If you’re looking to sell a property portfolio, we’re experienced landlord buyers with the financial capacity to acquire tenanted and/or vacant housing units.

We will be able analyse the portfolio within a short timeframe and come back to you with a direct purchase or an auction guide price suggestion.

Our lines are also open 24 hours a day: 0800 044 3733 (freephone from your mobile).

Please also use our chat facility at the bottom right of this website.