Whether you’re planning to sell your property quickly or in the years to come, you’ll probably want to make a good profit whenever you make the decision.

So: how do you do it? What are the most effective ways to add value to your home and command the best possible asking price? 

In this article, we look at how to increase your home value by studying a few of the main features house hunters look for in their dream property. The more of them you can achieve, the more potential buyers will be willing to pay!

Great Outside Space

Gardens and yards have always been in demand, but this feature has climbed way up to the top of every house hunter’s list of requirements.

If your property has any kind of outdoor space, make the most of it! Think about tidying it up by pruning and weeding, add attractive plants or introduce grass if you don’t already have it. Outdoor seating areas are also a great investment.

Potential buyers also love a good view, so if your property has an open vista or something similar, be sure to draw their attention to it.

Proximity to Amenities

This may not be something you can do much about, but it’s definitely worth noting. If your home is near a public transport hub, supermarkets, schools, medical centres, post offices or bars and restaurants, it’s definitely something that’s worth mentioning when the time comes to sell.

A Good Kitchen

Staying in is the new going out and countless TV shows have ignited a culinary passion in the UK’s general public like never before. To this end, generous and well-arranged kitchen space is highly sought after.

Investing in a kitchen renovation is a great way to add significant value to your property, making it something you should definitely consider.

Superb Storage

Clever storage aids in decluttering and is particularly beneficial for families with young children. If you can install attractive shelving or clever storage solutions, you’re bound to attract higher offers for your property.

Simple, Attractive Decor

If elements of your property are looking well-worn, it may be time to give them a lick of paint. If you’re planning to sell soon, be sure to declutter, do a deep clean and give your walls and furnishings a new lease of life.

Plenty of Light

Well-lit spaces are always appealing. They’re great for mental health and make spaces look bigger.

Check whether your windows, curtains and blinds are doing as much as possible for the flow of natural light in your home. You might also want to hang more mirrors or include additional reflective or metallic surfaces and glass in your decor to make light travel further.

Lots of Great Bathroom Space

If you only have one bathroom, you might consider converting a “cubby hole” or under-stairs cupboard into a second toilet. This will make your property extra appealing for most buyers – particularly larger families.

If this isn’t possible, consider renovating your existing bathroom to make it feel more spacious and well-organised.

What Increases Home Value?What Increases Home Value?

Converted Lofts or Cellars

Create more living space, office space or additional sleeping areas by converting your attic – or introduce a snug, workshop, music room or another exciting feature by upgrading your cellar or basement.

This may transform your home from a three-bed to a four or even a five. But how much does adding a bedroom increase home value? It equates to around 10% per double room added!  Or it could simply add some much sought-after home-working space.


A garage, shed, summer house or arbour serves as a great attraction, particularly if it is well-maintained.

The provision of secure vehicular and tool storage, the potential for a backyard workshop or office or an attractive garden hangout spot will always appeal to buyers.

Planning Permission

A property with potential will always command high asking prices. If you’re planning to move soon, consider applying for planning permission for an extension or some other means of developing the property. 

If you can sell your home along with planning permission, prospective buyers will be able to see the potential to make their mark on the home – or to turn a profit when the time comes for them to sell up themselves.

The great thing about this approach is that you won’t need to do any of the legwork yourself – all you need to do is to secure permission for someone else to do so.

Curb Appeal

This is perhaps the most vital element in determining your property’s value. 

The exterior of your home – as seen from the road – often dictates how appealing it will be to a potential buyer overall. It should grab their attention from the moment they see it listed online, and should stay in their mind throughout the viewing and way beyond.

For this reason, you should make sure that your home’s facade is impeccable. Get your windows cleaned, tidy up window sills, invest in attractive curtains and blinds and maybe even paint your front door!

Neaten up all space out front, weed and pressure wash your drive, paint your front gate and fence, introduce attractive plants and perhaps change up the design of your door number. You should also pick up any litter that is dropped on the street outside.

Everything you can do to give a superb first impression will go towards improving the value of your house, so be sure to work hard on this area in particular. Any one of the approaches above – or a combination – will help you to turn a superb profit when you sell your home. 

However, prospective house renovators should budget carefully before taking on a large project.  You’ll need to make sure you can achieve a good enough return on that investment.

Once you understand what brings down property value – and you understand what needs to change in order to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers – you’ll be able to take the required steps to sell it for an excellent price.