Completing house sales within two weeks might feel incredibly challenging due to the significant time and effort needed to advertise the property, find a buyer and finish the required legal paperwork.

However, concluding a property sale within this kind of timeframe is certainly possible.

It’s nonetheless crucial to understand that achieving such a transaction would require a near-perfect alignment of conditions and a high level of cooperation from all parties involved.

If you’re thinking of completing a house sale in two weeks or less, this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

How to Complete A House Sale in 2 Weeks

Days 1-2: Make Your House More Appealing to Fast Sale Buyers

Days 1-2 - Make Your House More Appealing to Fast Sale Buyers

Thorough Cleaning and Decluttering

It’s important to ensure the property stands out to potential buyers.

Although some homeowners prefer to sell “as is”, an untidy and chaotic property can hinder potential buyers from moving forward and result in lower offers. This often occurs with previously tenanted homes or inherited / probate properties left in a will.

Before opening your home for viewing, where possible, remove all miscellaneous items and clean every room as best you can.

Repair the House and Make it Presentable

If any of your rooms or their fixtures appear slightly worn, take the time to rejuvenate them. Apply a new coat of paint to your walls, sand out any blemishes on wooden furniture, tighten screws and thoroughly polish everything.

Address any maintenance tasks that may have been neglected, aiming to restore the place to a decent condition.

Remember to attend to your garden, outbuildings and external features to enhance the overall appeal.

Day 3: House Valuation and Seek Out Offers

Day 3 - House Valuation and Seek Out Offers

Understand What Your House Is Worth and the Price You’re Likely to Achieve for a 2-Week Sale

Another important step is to arrange a valuation. Auction houses, estate agencies and direct homebuyers often have surveyors and valuers to examine your property. Many sellers opt for three different agent / auctioneer reports.

However, you can also decide to arrange your valuation independently. This additional viewpoint can provide a higher level of accuracy and impartiality. Remember to conduct your local market research as well (Property Solvers has plenty of free resources available online for this purpose).

The valuation results will uncover potential issues and give the seller an idea of the property’s current value and the offer you may achieve.

It’s also worth noting that the price you achieve for a quick 2-week sale will most likely be lower than using an estate agency.

Seek Out Sell House Fast Companies (like Property Solvers)

The reality is that completing a house sale in a fortnight is not going to be possible for most buyers.

It’s therefore worth having conversations with professional and regulated homebuying companies that have proven experience in getting things completed in such short timeframes.

Seek Out Private Buyers

There is an increasing number of sellers who seek to avoid the hassles that come with using an estate agency and opt to look for fast cash homebuyers themselves.

Some ideas include putting up a visible sign outside the property, social media promotion, postcards / leaflets, local media, supermarket / local community notice boards.

Remove the Property Chain

You may effectively remove any property chain by moving out of your existing residence (into rental accommodation or a new property, for example).

As long as there are no other dependent sale, this option guarantees no obstructions to your quick exit after accepting an offer – especially if you really want to avoid losing your onward purchase.

Day 4: Offer and Acceptance

Day 4 - Offer and Acceptance

Agree the Transaction with a Serious Buyer Who Can Genuinely Complete in 2 Weeks

Be prepared to swiftly negotiate your sale and accept an offer that aligns with your price expectations. Clearly communicate to potential buyers that the sale is time-sensitive and encourage them to make their best offers quickly.

But if there aren’t any flaws and no problems, a 2-week completion date is set if both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions.

When using a cash buyer, remember to request proof of funds and a promise that the price will not be dropped at the last minute.

Be Wary of Mortgage Buyers

It is very unlikely that any kind of buyer using a mortgage can complete a sale within a fortnight. This is because most (if not all) home lenders require a much longer period to process an application for home finance.

However, it may be possible for buyers to access bridging finance (also known as “flash” finance).  The most likely way to sell within such a short timeframe is to use a quick home buyer like Property Solvers.

Days 5-6: Preparing Documentation and Agreements

Days 5-6 - Preparing Documentation and Agreements

Organise All the Necessary Documents 

Once a buyer has been found, solicitors can work on the legal aspects of the sale.

Quickly collate all the paperwork pertaining to the property, such as the title deed, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in addition to any warranties or guarantees.

Seek Out a Fast Conveyancer

A fast and successful house sale can only occur where there is a seasoned solicitor or conveyancer with experience in fast property transactions.

Once chosen, the solicitor will also forward property information form (TA6), fittings and contents form (TA10) alongside other necessary documentation.  These can be completed within a few hours at most.

Day 7-12: Legal and Financial Processes 

Day 7-12 - Legal and Financial Processes

Legal Enquiries

Conveyancing enquiries are an important aspect during the property sale in which the buyer’s solicitor conducts careful investigations to determine the legal status of the property.

These investigations include a variety of critical inspections, such as extensive title searches to verify ownership history and what can be a broad range of issues.

Furthermore, the solicitor investigates property boundary queries, thoroughly establishing their compliance with official records and resolving any encroachments or disputes with the local authority.

The solicitor can also investigate a wide range of pertinent information such as easements, environmental compliance, restrictive covenants and outstanding charges.  With leasehold properties, there are additional checks that the solicitor will need to undertake.

This culminates in comprehensive feedback that provides the buyer with a thorough understanding of the property’s legal standing before proceeding with the transaction.

Also, have your solicitor or conveyancer create the contract and send it to the buyer’s legal representative for a simultaneous exchange.

Day 13-14: Exchange and Completion Day 

Day 13-14 Exchange and Completion Day

Exchange Of Contracts

Exchanging contracts occurs once the buyer’s solicitor has thoroughly explored all legal aspects of the case in collaboration with the seller’s side and is completely satisfied.

This thorough examination seeks to find any possible difficulties, inconsistencies or discrepancies that need explanation or change. It’s important to quickly address any problems found during the exchange of contracts.

The buyer’s solicitor transfers the purchase price balance to the seller’s solicitor.

Handover and Key Transfer

The seller’s solicitor will acknowledge the receipt of the purchase funds and approve the buyer’s key release.



Shortly after the completion day, the buyer’s solicitor notifies the Land Registry of the change of ownership. To conclude a successful sale, the buyer’s solicitor will complete any further paperwork.  He/she will also pay applicable Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) to HM Revenue & Customs.

Remember to take final meter readings and cancel contracts with utility suppliers and stop council tax payments.

How to Complete a House Sale in 2 Weeks

How Can Property Solvers Help?

To completing a whole process for a property sale in two weeks is an exceptionally tight deadline that might be difficult owing to the multiple legal obligations and administrative steps involved.

If you are looking for a quick and hassle-free Property Solvers have over 20 years experience of in completing sales in 2 weeks and under. There will be no estate agency or legal fees to pay.  We also have 28 and 56 day auction options.