Regional House Market Data

Results for York

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
YO10 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
YO1014 Weeks-£3,500213 Nov 2019
YO190 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
YO230 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
YO2412 Weeks£0203 Dec 2019
YO2613 Weeks-£4,000214 Nov 2019
YO309 Weeks-£5,000322 Nov 2019
YO3112 Weeks-£9,666325 Nov 2019
YO3210 Weeks£0212 Dec 2019
YO419 Weeks-£1,000227 Nov 2019
YO4213 Weeks-£5,000113 Nov 2019
YO4310 Weeks-£9,000115 Nov 2019
YO519 Weeks-£12,500214 Nov 2019
YO600 Weeks£0016 Nov 2020
YO610 Weeks£0107 Feb 2020
YO6215 Weeks-£10,000214 Nov 2019
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