How Fast Do Houses Sell in Tunbridge Wells? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Tunbridge Wells

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
TN118 Weeks-£18,625809 Oct 2018
TN220 Weeks-£11,8333108 Oct 2018
TN317 Weeks-£19,2501009 Oct 2018
TN419 Weeks-£9,6042404 Oct 2018
TN57 Weeks-£4,000118 Jan 2019
TN621 Weeks-£17,3071310 Oct 2018
TN70 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
TN814 Weeks-£20,064703 Oct 2018
TN916 Weeks-£9,2181901 Oct 2018
TN1015 Weeks-£10,7301317 Oct 2018
TN1113 Weeks-£10,9361304 Oct 2018
TN1218 Weeks-£10,5722702 Oct 2018
TN1319 Weeks-£22,1293101 Oct 2018
TN1413 Weeks-£21,1781405 Oct 2018
TN1516 Weeks-£21,3042316 Oct 2018
TN1615 Weeks-£13,250931 Oct 2018
TN1718 Weeks-£10,375805 Oct 2018
TN1817 Weeks-£20,285706 Oct 2018
TN1915 Weeks-£10,312826 Oct 2018
TN2011 Weeks-£7,500202 Jan 2019
TN2114 Weeks-£11,8642405 Oct 2018
TN2217 Weeks-£8,0281612 Oct 2018
TN2317 Weeks-£5,4422604 Oct 2018
TN2418 Weeks-£6,5342905 Oct 2018
TN2517 Weeks-£10,7271102 Oct 2018
TN2620 Weeks-£9,000503 Oct 2018
TN2716 Weeks-£11,8291215 Oct 2018
TN2817 Weeks-£4,333906 Oct 2018
TN2922 Weeks-£8,9541102 Oct 2018
TN3017 Weeks-£19,5001015 Oct 2018
TN3119 Weeks-£14,3001501 Oct 2018
TN3217 Weeks-£22,4351019 Oct 2018
TN3316 Weeks-£10,8961601 Oct 2018
TN3415 Weeks-£8,6403301 Oct 2018
TN3518 Weeks-£8,9142103 Oct 2018
TN3611 Weeks-£7,333312 Feb 2019
TN3715 Weeks-£10,6032112 Oct 2018
TN3816 Weeks-£9,3572004 Oct 2018
TN3916 Weeks-£10,0763402 Oct 2018
TN4015 Weeks-£9,0403001 Oct 2018
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