How Fast Do Houses Sell in Tunbridge Wells? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Tunbridge Wells

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
TN121 Weeks-£12,6151302 Jul 2018
TN220 Weeks-£12,6653011 Jun 2018
TN323 Weeks-£22,6001005 Jun 2018
TN420 Weeks-£14,8803903 Jun 2018
TN521 Weeks-£36,555915 Jun 2018
TN618 Weeks-£11,3662305 Jun 2018
TN719 Weeks-£18,500229 Jun 2018
TN819 Weeks-£11,1871613 Jun 2018
TN916 Weeks-£12,9832105 Jun 2018
TN1018 Weeks-£9,4282109 Jun 2018
TN1118 Weeks-£16,4341720 Jun 2018
TN1218 Weeks-£11,0723401 Jun 2018
TN1320 Weeks-£57,7202705 Jun 2018
TN1414 Weeks-£22,9301501 Jun 2018
TN1518 Weeks-£18,1913604 Jun 2018
TN1618 Weeks-£15,2732912 Jun 2018
TN1722 Weeks-£15,2501107 Jun 2018
TN1821 Weeks-£22,933912 Jun 2018
TN1917 Weeks-£15,237802 Jun 2018
TN2014 Weeks-£1,250427 Jul 2018
TN2117 Weeks-£10,2182904 Jun 2018
TN2217 Weeks-£18,2433906 Jun 2018
TN2316 Weeks-£4,9302912 Jun 2018
TN2415 Weeks-£4,7734202 Jun 2018
TN2520 Weeks-£9,3591609 Jun 2018
TN2619 Weeks-£6,4541113 Jul 2018
TN2720 Weeks-£14,4861512 Jun 2018
TN2817 Weeks-£9,4091112 Jun 2018
TN2920 Weeks-£7,4611304 Jun 2018
TN3018 Weeks-£11,6151604 Jun 2018
TN3117 Weeks-£12,8063001 Jun 2018
TN3218 Weeks-£9,216908 Jun 2018
TN3317 Weeks-£8,2592112 Jun 2018
TN3416 Weeks-£8,1466001 Jun 2018
TN3518 Weeks-£11,2034304 Jun 2018
TN3621 Weeks-£12,550903 Jun 2018
TN3716 Weeks-£8,5743701 Jun 2018
TN3818 Weeks-£11,7985401 Jun 2018
TN3917 Weeks-£9,6065604 Jun 2018
TN4015 Weeks-£5,0793609 Jun 2018
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