How Fast Do Houses Sell in Tunbridge Wells? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Tunbridge Wells

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
TN120 Weeks-£12,1531303 Aug 2018
TN221 Weeks-£9,4212602 Aug 2018
TN318 Weeks-£21,937807 Aug 2018
TN421 Weeks-£7,9972304 Aug 2018
TN522 Weeks-£19,785707 Aug 2018
TN619 Weeks-£21,8991503 Aug 2018
TN70 Weeks£0001 Aug 2019
TN820 Weeks-£12,0501010 Aug 2018
TN917 Weeks-£10,9501706 Aug 2018
TN1019 Weeks-£11,9282110 Aug 2018
TN1118 Weeks-£12,6051603 Aug 2018
TN1216 Weeks-£11,4772703 Aug 2018
TN1321 Weeks-£48,0892803 Aug 2018
TN1413 Weeks-£24,4611320 Aug 2018
TN1517 Weeks-£20,1562216 Aug 2018
TN1619 Weeks-£11,833914 Aug 2018
TN1719 Weeks-£15,500705 Aug 2018
TN1820 Weeks-£32,000817 Aug 2018
TN1921 Weeks-£12,850716 Aug 2018
TN2015 Weeks-£1,666304 Aug 2018
TN2116 Weeks-£10,8403002 Aug 2018
TN2216 Weeks-£20,4322304 Aug 2018
TN2317 Weeks-£6,8452606 Aug 2018
TN2416 Weeks-£4,7222704 Aug 2018
TN2521 Weeks-£10,5001608 Aug 2018
TN2620 Weeks-£7,3631109 Aug 2018
TN2722 Weeks-£12,5931503 Aug 2018
TN2816 Weeks-£5,8001014 Aug 2018
TN2920 Weeks-£9,285720 Aug 2018
TN3020 Weeks-£15,1031313 Aug 2018
TN3118 Weeks-£13,2261708 Aug 2018
TN3220 Weeks-£6,707707 Aug 2018
TN3316 Weeks-£8,9671714 Aug 2018
TN3415 Weeks-£8,7684701 Aug 2018
TN3515 Weeks-£5,7782406 Aug 2018
TN3615 Weeks-£11,237415 Aug 2018
TN3718 Weeks-£9,4802307 Aug 2018
TN3818 Weeks-£10,6643001 Aug 2018
TN3916 Weeks-£8,4564302 Aug 2018
TN4016 Weeks-£6,4013110 Aug 2018
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