How Fast Do Houses Sell in Truro? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Truro

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
TR118 Weeks-£9,5544402 Nov 2018
TR220 Weeks-£7,0841906 Nov 2018
TR317 Weeks-£12,3793107 Nov 2018
TR418 Weeks-£5,7691306 Dec 2018
TR527 Weeks-£5,816313 Nov 2018
TR610 Weeks-£11,666304 Dec 2018
TR719 Weeks-£5,7615812 Nov 2018
TR815 Weeks-£3,7301515 Nov 2018
TR917 Weeks-£3,2261907 Nov 2018
TR1020 Weeks-£6,5191805 Nov 2018
TR1118 Weeks-£8,7954707 Nov 2018
TR1219 Weeks-£9,7441809 Nov 2018
TR1319 Weeks-£6,0423508 Nov 2018
TR1416 Weeks-£5,7053402 Nov 2018
TR1518 Weeks-£4,8614501 Nov 2018
TR1617 Weeks-£6,9602802 Nov 2018
TR1715 Weeks-£7,500210 Jan 2019
TR1819 Weeks-£5,8103003 Nov 2018
TR1916 Weeks-£15,827902 Nov 2018
TR2019 Weeks-£11,9041106 Dec 2018
TR2619 Weeks-£12,9121201 Nov 2018
TR2720 Weeks-£9,8171407 Nov 2018
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