How Fast Do Houses Sell in Taunton? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Taunton

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
TA114 Weeks-£4,7675007 Dec 2018
TA216 Weeks-£5,1264204 Dec 2018
TA318 Weeks-£9,3681628 Dec 2018
TA416 Weeks-£5,3412301 Dec 2018
TA515 Weeks-£6,9501007 Jan 2019
TA616 Weeks-£4,9344628 Dec 2018
TA715 Weeks-£7,1522218 Dec 2018
TA817 Weeks-£8,1553706 Dec 2018
TA917 Weeks-£8,8903205 Dec 2018
TA1017 Weeks-£7,2331528 Dec 2018
TA1118 Weeks-£9,0672126 Dec 2018
TA1217 Weeks-£5,8661506 Dec 2018
TA1318 Weeks-£6,590515 Jan 2019
TA1414 Weeks-£11,5001307 Dec 2018
TA1514 Weeks-£1,250417 Dec 2018
TA1617 Weeks-£31,666306 Dec 2018
TA170 Weeks£0001 Dec 2019
TA1816 Weeks-£9,5631517 Jan 2019
TA1919 Weeks-£5,1692305 Dec 2018
TA2018 Weeks-£6,0953012 Dec 2018
TA2114 Weeks-£4,9162719 Dec 2018
TA2220 Weeks-£7,851411 Dec 2018
TA2318 Weeks-£10,000326 Jan 2019
TA2418 Weeks-£8,6461612 Jan 2019
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