How Fast Do Houses Sell in Southampton? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Southampton

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SO1416 Weeks-£6,2471906 Jun 2018
SO1518 Weeks-£8,3075202 Jun 2018
SO1618 Weeks-£7,5068701 Jun 2018
SO1720 Weeks-£9,4482004 Jun 2018
SO1818 Weeks-£5,6936801 Jun 2018
SO1918 Weeks-£4,81210401 Jun 2018
SO2023 Weeks-£9,987422 Jun 2018
SO2120 Weeks-£36,3022322 Jun 2018
SO2220 Weeks-£26,8682811 Jun 2018
SO2317 Weeks-£15,6152608 Jun 2018
SO2416 Weeks-£27,3941709 Jun 2018
SO3014 Weeks-£10,5503901 Jun 2018
SO3118 Weeks-£8,3949501 Jun 2018
SO3213 Weeks-£23,1751404 Jun 2018
SO4016 Weeks-£9,2658602 Jun 2018
SO4116 Weeks-£19,7617104 Jun 2018
SO4216 Weeks-£33,112415 Jun 2018
SO4320 Weeks-£60,928708 Jun 2018
SO4516 Weeks-£9,0728601 Jun 2018
SO5017 Weeks-£8,8788802 Jun 2018
SO5120 Weeks-£17,4894801 Jun 2018
SO5219 Weeks-£7,1871611 Jun 2018
SO5316 Weeks-£8,4445901 Jun 2018
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