How Quickly Do Houses Sell in South West London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for South West London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SW1P18 Weeks-£226,125819 Jun 2018
SW1H35 Weeks-£107,500210 Jul 2018
SW1E0 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
SW1W32 Weeks-£225,000201 Jun 2018
SW1X5 Weeks£0108 Nov 2018
SW1V18 Weeks-£69,2081204 Jul 2018
SW221 Weeks-£27,9463607 Jun 2018
SW320 Weeks-£70,7681112 Jun 2018
SW419 Weeks-£55,3133005 Jun 2018
SW522 Weeks-£217,500214 Jul 2018
SW617 Weeks-£74,2455804 Jun 2018
SW711 Weeks-£412,600508 Jun 2018
SW817 Weeks-£53,7771823 Jun 2018
SW917 Weeks-£48,8471711 Jun 2018
SW1022 Weeks-£109,5151906 Jun 2018
SW1116 Weeks-£47,2217504 Jun 2018
SW1216 Weeks-£40,7893901 Jun 2018
SW1322 Weeks-£67,9471806 Jun 2018
SW1416 Weeks-£42,9693704 Jun 2018
SW1517 Weeks-£51,8345003 Jun 2018
SW1617 Weeks-£34,6387001 Jun 2018
SW1719 Weeks-£28,4057101 Jun 2018
SW1819 Weeks-£36,0949004 Jun 2018
SW1918 Weeks-£44,9069501 Jun 2018
SW2018 Weeks-£35,4263606 Jun 2018
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