How Quickly Do Houses Sell in South West London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for South West London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SW1P19 Weeks-£320,600501 Aug 2018
SW1H0 Weeks£0001 Aug 2019
SW1E0 Weeks£0001 Aug 2019
SW1W19 Weeks-£275,000222 Nov 2018
SW1X5 Weeks£0108 Nov 2018
SW1V17 Weeks-£65,611910 Aug 2018
SW222 Weeks-£27,9032804 Aug 2018
SW320 Weeks-£86,562829 Aug 2018
SW421 Weeks-£42,0471809 Aug 2018
SW512 Weeks-£42,500202 Jan 2019
SW616 Weeks-£77,3394003 Aug 2018
SW718 Weeks-£225,000520 Sep 2018
SW821 Weeks-£37,1141715 Aug 2018
SW917 Weeks-£46,4321701 Aug 2018
SW1018 Weeks-£87,0561514 Aug 2018
SW1115 Weeks-£49,8714801 Aug 2018
SW1216 Weeks-£41,5733902 Aug 2018
SW1316 Weeks-£66,3331206 Aug 2018
SW1413 Weeks-£51,6272607 Aug 2018
SW1517 Weeks-£44,3813703 Aug 2018
SW1617 Weeks-£36,5804304 Aug 2018
SW1717 Weeks-£24,5264703 Aug 2018
SW1820 Weeks-£37,7176302 Aug 2018
SW1919 Weeks-£53,3027106 Aug 2018
SW2019 Weeks-£40,3812203 Aug 2018
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