How Quickly Do Houses Sell in South West London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for South West London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SW1P19 Weeks-£51,250408 Nov 2018
SW1H34 Weeks-£55,000116 Oct 2018
SW1E0 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
SW1W21 Weeks-£216,666322 Nov 2018
SW1X5 Weeks£0108 Nov 2018
SW1V20 Weeks-£50,833905 Oct 2018
SW219 Weeks-£22,6302601 Oct 2018
SW321 Weeks-£144,5451102 Oct 2018
SW419 Weeks-£45,2791502 Oct 2018
SW514 Weeks-£71,666302 Jan 2019
SW616 Weeks-£61,0372903 Oct 2018
SW721 Weeks-£275,000512 Oct 2018
SW813 Weeks-£32,7101415 Oct 2018
SW918 Weeks-£50,2571901 Oct 2018
SW1019 Weeks-£534,4491203 Oct 2018
SW1116 Weeks-£33,9813503 Oct 2018
SW1217 Weeks-£27,5403622 Oct 2018
SW1314 Weeks-£48,7501211 Oct 2018
SW1413 Weeks-£48,1182403 Oct 2018
SW1518 Weeks-£49,8293301 Oct 2018
SW1618 Weeks-£29,2203708 Oct 2018
SW1719 Weeks-£25,6324702 Oct 2018
SW1818 Weeks-£30,6245901 Oct 2018
SW1919 Weeks-£38,1646503 Oct 2018
SW2018 Weeks-£29,5551704 Oct 2018
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