How Quickly Do Houses Sell in South West London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for South West London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SW1P21 Weeks-£50,000303 Jan 2019
SW1H0 Weeks£0001 Dec 2019
SW1E0 Weeks£0001 Dec 2019
SW1W21 Weeks-£225,000204 Jan 2019
SW1X11 Weeks-£37,500121 Jun 2019
SW1V15 Weeks-£22,083615 Dec 2018
SW220 Weeks-£19,0402608 Dec 2018
SW317 Weeks-£106,111917 Dec 2018
SW419 Weeks-£38,4222205 Dec 2018
SW514 Weeks-£71,666302 Jan 2019
SW617 Weeks-£74,6533813 Dec 2018
SW718 Weeks-£193,750406 Dec 2018
SW811 Weeks-£28,3071305 Dec 2018
SW918 Weeks-£50,1381726 Dec 2018
SW1014 Weeks-£705,555908 Dec 2018
SW1117 Weeks-£43,5905507 Dec 2018
SW1217 Weeks-£28,6094805 Dec 2018
SW1320 Weeks-£28,2851421 Dec 2018
SW1413 Weeks-£46,2892403 Dec 2018
SW1518 Weeks-£53,6384903 Dec 2018
SW1617 Weeks-£24,7924806 Dec 2018
SW1718 Weeks-£21,7025304 Dec 2018
SW1817 Weeks-£29,1388503 Dec 2018
SW1918 Weeks-£33,5539304 Dec 2018
SW2017 Weeks-£35,1872903 Jan 2019
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