How Fast Do Houses Sell in South East London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for South East London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SE114 Weeks-£23,8181105 Oct 2018
SE219 Weeks-£19,1311905 Oct 2018
SE317 Weeks-£61,1463106 Oct 2018
SE415 Weeks-£14,2851502 Oct 2018
SE518 Weeks-£40,4441818 Oct 2018
SE619 Weeks-£11,1603902 Oct 2018
SE717 Weeks-£16,0881501 Oct 2018
SE820 Weeks-£18,3341303 Oct 2018
SE915 Weeks-£8,5833601 Oct 2018
SE1017 Weeks-£28,8252609 Oct 2018
SE1117 Weeks-£59,327916 Oct 2018
SE1213 Weeks-£23,8302901 Oct 2018
SE1315 Weeks-£16,1362201 Oct 2018
SE1419 Weeks-£21,250826 Oct 2018
SE1514 Weeks-£34,9472209 Oct 2018
SE1618 Weeks-£27,1201211 Oct 2018
SE1718 Weeks-£17,1771105 Oct 2018
SE1815 Weeks-£11,8331502 Oct 2018
SE1916 Weeks-£9,6872206 Oct 2018
SE2017 Weeks-£15,6381409 Oct 2018
SE2120 Weeks-£44,444903 Oct 2018
SE2216 Weeks-£39,7761705 Oct 2018
SE2318 Weeks-£17,5642901 Oct 2018
SE2421 Weeks-£53,2701708 Oct 2018
SE2519 Weeks-£13,8073403 Oct 2018
SE2615 Weeks-£18,2592701 Oct 2018
SE2715 Weeks-£15,2901003 Oct 2018
SE2817 Weeks-£5,4611326 Oct 2018
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