How Fast Do Houses Sell in South East London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for South East London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
SE116 Weeks-£32,3202108 Jun 2018
SE221 Weeks-£9,7332905 Jun 2018
SE314 Weeks-£48,9104203 Jun 2018
SE417 Weeks-£10,7422405 Jun 2018
SE518 Weeks-£28,4342302 Jun 2018
SE616 Weeks-£14,6763804 Jun 2018
SE720 Weeks-£16,1461712 Jun 2018
SE817 Weeks-£16,2261704 Jun 2018
SE916 Weeks-£12,1058301 Jun 2018
SE1013 Weeks-£25,7494004 Jun 2018
SE1112 Weeks-£26,050804 Jun 2018
SE1212 Weeks-£15,7553406 Jun 2018
SE1315 Weeks-£14,8114004 Jun 2018
SE1420 Weeks-£21,6531606 Jun 2018
SE1515 Weeks-£24,1243109 Jun 2018
SE1619 Weeks-£26,8742502 Jun 2018
SE1718 Weeks-£27,9161805 Jun 2018
SE1815 Weeks-£11,5873201 Jun 2018
SE1917 Weeks-£14,8122908 Jun 2018
SE2020 Weeks-£16,6802101 Jun 2018
SE2120 Weeks-£38,6801601 Jun 2018
SE2214 Weeks-£37,3343202 Jun 2018
SE2317 Weeks-£17,0643501 Jun 2018
SE2420 Weeks-£56,3012317 Jun 2018
SE2517 Weeks-£16,9823202 Jun 2018
SE2615 Weeks-£19,5813004 Jun 2018
SE2719 Weeks-£18,9822307 Jun 2018
SE2823 Weeks-£10,500925 Jun 2018
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