How Fast Do Houses Sell in Plymouth? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Plymouth

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
PL120 Weeks-£6,4952309 Oct 2018
PL215 Weeks-£3,6094909 Oct 2018
PL316 Weeks-£5,3573918 Oct 2018
PL417 Weeks-£4,7252609 Oct 2018
PL517 Weeks-£3,3955106 Oct 2018
PL617 Weeks-£5,1706303 Oct 2018
PL716 Weeks-£5,8115503 Oct 2018
PL822 Weeks-£17,250402 Oct 2018
PL916 Weeks-£6,8116401 Oct 2018
PL1012 Weeks-£26,475229 Mar 2019
PL1118 Weeks-£5,1521810 Oct 2018
PL1219 Weeks-£6,6872703 Oct 2018
PL1317 Weeks-£9,9281602 Oct 2018
PL1419 Weeks-£5,0162501 Oct 2018
PL1518 Weeks-£5,6321710 Oct 2018
PL1625 Weeks-£9,475210 Oct 2018
PL1715 Weeks-£8,0631506 Nov 2018
PL1815 Weeks-£2,800521 Nov 2018
PL1915 Weeks-£6,3892902 Oct 2018
PL2016 Weeks-£5,2401019 Oct 2018
PL2117 Weeks-£8,0023402 Oct 2018
PL2214 Weeks-£9,9501004 Oct 2018
PL2326 Weeks-£37,500216 Oct 2018
PL2416 Weeks-£5,7111810 Oct 2018
PL2519 Weeks-£6,0434301 Oct 2018
PL2614 Weeks-£5,3642502 Oct 2018
PL2716 Weeks-£7,5411202 Oct 2018
PL2816 Weeks-£10,000712 Oct 2018
PL2923 Weeks-£15,000120 Nov 2018
PL3018 Weeks-£23,564703 Oct 2018
PL3118 Weeks-£4,8833315 Oct 2018
PL3220 Weeks-£3,375409 Nov 2018
PL3319 Weeks-£14,150323 Jan 2019
PL3416 Weeks-£25,000121 Dec 2018
PL3516 Weeks-£6,750408 Nov 2018
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