How Fast Do Houses Sell in Plymouth? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Plymouth

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
PL120 Weeks-£10,0362203 Jun 2018
PL216 Weeks-£4,4555407 Jun 2018
PL318 Weeks-£5,5287301 Jun 2018
PL417 Weeks-£5,3283802 Jun 2018
PL518 Weeks-£3,6158704 Jun 2018
PL617 Weeks-£4,8557804 Jun 2018
PL718 Weeks-£5,3067301 Jun 2018
PL821 Weeks-£16,890525 Jul 2018
PL916 Weeks-£8,0747801 Jun 2018
PL1022 Weeks-£5,687807 Jun 2018
PL1119 Weeks-£5,7982608 Jun 2018
PL1220 Weeks-£6,5153513 Jun 2018
PL1319 Weeks-£12,6191511 Jun 2018
PL1418 Weeks-£3,8943405 Jun 2018
PL1518 Weeks-£7,2731912 Jun 2018
PL1627 Weeks-£6,150312 Jun 2018
PL1719 Weeks-£7,5821706 Jun 2018
PL1816 Weeks-£4,1951007 Jun 2018
PL1918 Weeks-£7,0964901 Jun 2018
PL2021 Weeks-£8,2751208 Jun 2018
PL2117 Weeks-£13,2814501 Jun 2018
PL2211 Weeks-£5,888929 Jun 2018
PL2322 Weeks-£40,083605 Jun 2018
PL2420 Weeks-£8,2492111 Jun 2018
PL2519 Weeks-£4,9565904 Jun 2018
PL2618 Weeks-£5,5144504 Jun 2018
PL2715 Weeks-£7,0411211 Jun 2018
PL2818 Weeks-£15,750819 Jun 2018
PL2923 Weeks£0106 Jul 2018
PL3019 Weeks-£10,5301312 Jun 2018
PL3118 Weeks-£3,6323904 Jun 2018
PL3218 Weeks-£3,980504 Jun 2018
PL3320 Weeks-£6,666318 Jun 2018
PL3424 Weeks-£13,350413 Jun 2018
PL3516 Weeks-£4,740505 Jun 2018
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