How Fast Do Houses Sell in Plymouth? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Plymouth

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
PL117 Weeks-£6,2051703 Dec 2018
PL216 Weeks-£3,7705204 Dec 2018
PL316 Weeks-£5,8564605 Dec 2018
PL416 Weeks-£5,6672305 Jan 2019
PL516 Weeks-£4,7355503 Dec 2018
PL616 Weeks-£5,3898205 Dec 2018
PL717 Weeks-£5,0806304 Dec 2018
PL818 Weeks-£16,875420 Dec 2018
PL915 Weeks-£6,6406511 Dec 2018
PL1015 Weeks-£24,316329 Mar 2019
PL1115 Weeks-£4,2331514 Dec 2018
PL1218 Weeks-£8,2063303 Dec 2018
PL1312 Weeks-£8,9281612 Dec 2018
PL1419 Weeks-£4,5202004 Dec 2018
PL1517 Weeks-£8,8701703 Dec 2018
PL1625 Weeks-£13,749214 Feb 2019
PL1713 Weeks-£7,2001525 Jan 2019
PL1817 Weeks-£5,500403 Dec 2018
PL1917 Weeks-£5,9032811 Dec 2018
PL2014 Weeks-£5,266920 Dec 2018
PL2115 Weeks-£7,7153220 Dec 2018
PL2212 Weeks-£12,833621 Dec 2018
PL2323 Weeks-£18,200204 Jan 2019
PL2416 Weeks-£4,9831806 Dec 2018
PL2517 Weeks-£5,9043711 Dec 2018
PL2616 Weeks-£6,7233606 Dec 2018
PL2716 Weeks-£11,2691305 Dec 2018
PL2815 Weeks-£6,250621 Dec 2018
PL290 Weeks-£68,935105 Aug 2019
PL3016 Weeks-£8,325629 Jan 2019
PL3117 Weeks-£5,6652603 Dec 2018
PL3217 Weeks-£4,250229 Jan 2019
PL3319 Weeks-£14,150323 Jan 2019
PL3411 Weeks-£12,500221 Dec 2018
PL3516 Weeks-£6,666305 Dec 2018
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