How Fast Do Houses Sell in North London? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for North London

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
N117 Weeks-£46,5211808 Jan 2019
N214 Weeks-£59,9491021 Dec 2018
N316 Weeks-£28,0942007 Dec 2018
N418 Weeks-£30,3872306 Dec 2018
N519 Weeks-£59,7451212 Dec 2018
N617 Weeks-£84,1621207 Dec 2018
N715 Weeks-£26,333605 Dec 2018
N816 Weeks-£28,3142805 Dec 2018
N917 Weeks-£9,7282101 Dec 2018
N1016 Weeks-£29,6421404 Dec 2018
N1119 Weeks-£31,0901113 Dec 2018
N1218 Weeks-£18,3151905 Dec 2018
N1315 Weeks-£21,9951109 Jan 2019
N1419 Weeks-£31,5861110 Dec 2018
N1519 Weeks-£14,7071210 Dec 2018
N1618 Weeks-£32,3841307 Jan 2019
N1715 Weeks-£12,8741205 Dec 2018
N1818 Weeks-£11,8161105 Jan 2019
N1919 Weeks-£27,561807 Dec 2018
N2015 Weeks-£32,2382103 Jan 2019
N2113 Weeks-£15,1311103 Dec 2018
N2217 Weeks-£19,5411714 Dec 2018
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