Regional House Market Data

Results for Newcastle Upon Tyne

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
NE120 Weeks-£9,250222 Oct 2020
NE220 Weeks-£7,0341304 Sep 2020
NE317 Weeks-£5,19610901 Sep 2020
NE416 Weeks-£4,5001403 Sep 2020
NE520 Weeks-£4,0347501 Sep 2020
NE615 Weeks-£5,0615603 Sep 2020
NE717 Weeks-£3,8003304 Sep 2020
NE1216 Weeks-£3,4986702 Sep 2020
NE1317 Weeks-£4,7904602 Sep 2020
NE1516 Weeks-£3,7004305 Sep 2020
NE1619 Weeks-£3,8633401 Sep 2020
NE1718 Weeks-£5,812801 Sep 2020
NE1819 Weeks-£5,000229 Oct 2020
NE1910 Weeks£0107 Oct 2020
NE2016 Weeks-£15,5724002 Sep 2020
NE2719 Weeks-£3,2502210 Sep 2020
Newcastle upon Tyne Map (House Sale Data)
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