Regional House Market Data

Results for Milton Keynes

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
MK116 Weeks-£5,000204 Jun 2020
MK215 Weeks-£7,9991303 Mar 2020
MK318 Weeks-£7,8392506 Mar 2020
MK417 Weeks-£9,3692707 Mar 2020
MK517 Weeks-£21,7612102 Mar 2020
MK619 Weeks-£9,8051805 Mar 2020
MK717 Weeks-£5,5451106 Mar 2020
MK818 Weeks-£8,8651505 Mar 2020
MK90 Weeks£0006 Mar 2021
MK1017 Weeks-£11,124810 Mar 2020
MK1113 Weeks-£7,8331510 Mar 2020
MK1219 Weeks-£3,8751205 Mar 2020
MK1315 Weeks-£7,1381801 Mar 2020
MK1418 Weeks-£6,9061602 Mar 2020
MK1518 Weeks-£6,2681301 Mar 2020
MK1716 Weeks-£17,7341611 Mar 2020
MK1915 Weeks-£16,2723302 Mar 2020
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