Regional House Market Data

Results for Ipswich

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
IP117 Weeks-£7,0044304 Mar 2020
IP218 Weeks-£4,5232104 Mar 2020
IP319 Weeks-£5,7433702 Mar 2020
IP417 Weeks-£9,0524904 Mar 2020
IP516 Weeks-£8,6102702 Mar 2020
IP616 Weeks-£10,9441807 Mar 2020
IP716 Weeks-£11,2292402 Mar 2020
IP820 Weeks-£11,3331202 Mar 2020
IP915 Weeks-£5,8501012 Mar 2020
IP1021 Weeks-£6,250425 Mar 2020
Ipswich Map (House Sale Data)
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