How Fast Do Houses Sell in Ipswich? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Ipswich

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
IP115 Weeks-£4,7066301 Jun 2018
IP218 Weeks-£6,3934001 Jun 2018
IP318 Weeks-£6,5465301 Jun 2018
IP416 Weeks-£7,9485403 Jun 2018
IP516 Weeks-£11,7101921 Jun 2018
IP611 Weeks-£5,7102805 Jun 2018
IP719 Weeks-£14,1001715 Jun 2018
IP821 Weeks-£5,6592217 Jun 2018
IP915 Weeks-£3,8501027 Jun 2018
IP1019 Weeks-£24,927707 Jun 2018
IP1116 Weeks-£12,9543301 Jun 2018
IP1213 Weeks-£11,8284301 Jun 2018
IP1317 Weeks-£7,2862606 Jun 2018
IP1418 Weeks-£8,0844801 Jun 2018
IP1513 Weeks-£9,000509 Aug 2018
IP1615 Weeks-£5,271904 Jun 2018
IP1724 Weeks-£11,7951705 Jun 2018
IP1821 Weeks-£20,714708 Jun 2018
IP1917 Weeks-£9,7252005 Jun 2018
IP2020 Weeks-£6,4471908 Jun 2018
IP2121 Weeks-£20,9811201 Jun 2018
IP2222 Weeks-£7,0602404 Jun 2018
IP2317 Weeks-£2,714703 Jul 2018
IP2418 Weeks-£3,5833302 Jun 2018
IP2515 Weeks-£8,0753902 Jun 2018
IP2618 Weeks-£4,6692301 Jun 2018
IP2715 Weeks-£4,6754904 Jun 2018
IP2819 Weeks-£7,1364009 Jun 2018
IP2926 Weeks-£26,666623 Jun 2018
IP3020 Weeks-£10,3431601 Jun 2018
IP3118 Weeks-£8,4952114 Jun 2018
IP3217 Weeks-£5,9471904 Jun 2018
IP3318 Weeks-£5,3802601 Jun 2018
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