How Fast Do Houses Sell in Chelmsford? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Chelmsford

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
CM011 Weeks-£8,2331506 Dec 2018
CM117 Weeks-£11,9475211 Dec 2018
CM217 Weeks-£8,9625412 Dec 2018
CM318 Weeks-£8,9853613 Dec 2018
CM415 Weeks-£32,000511 Feb 2019
CM517 Weeks-£11,666302 Dec 2018
CM617 Weeks-£10,4492114 Jan 2019
CM719 Weeks-£6,7103804 Dec 2018
CM821 Weeks-£5,0412301 Dec 2018
CM921 Weeks-£9,1261908 Dec 2018
CM1119 Weeks-£13,1661207 Dec 2018
CM1219 Weeks-£18,5501010 Dec 2018
CM1318 Weeks-£14,3661512 Dec 2018
CM1420 Weeks-£18,1121005 Dec 2018
CM1518 Weeks-£12,5001721 Dec 2018
CM1619 Weeks-£15,8032704 Dec 2018
CM1719 Weeks-£7,2222705 Dec 2018
CM1818 Weeks-£5,7582308 Jan 2019
CM1919 Weeks-£8,3892505 Dec 2018
CM2017 Weeks-£6,2392513 Dec 2018
CM2116 Weeks-£7,3151308 Dec 2018
CM2216 Weeks-£11,3431607 Dec 2018
CM2318 Weeks-£12,0344205 Dec 2018
CM2419 Weeks-£12,7001003 Dec 2018
CM7720 Weeks-£9,0001504 Dec 2018
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