How Fast Do Houses Sell in Chelmsford? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Chelmsford

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
CM011 Weeks-£9,7543104 Jun 2018
CM115 Weeks-£9,5758501 Jun 2018
CM218 Weeks-£9,2658701 Jun 2018
CM315 Weeks-£12,1369501 Jun 2018
CM417 Weeks-£38,499510 Aug 2018
CM515 Weeks-£16,937810 Jun 2018
CM617 Weeks-£10,9913605 Jun 2018
CM714 Weeks-£9,1306901 Jun 2018
CM817 Weeks-£7,4446301 Jun 2018
CM916 Weeks-£7,5552706 Jun 2018
CM1117 Weeks-£21,1363002 Jun 2018
CM1215 Weeks-£12,7052401 Jun 2018
CM1316 Weeks-£12,4322305 Jun 2018
CM1417 Weeks-£12,4302901 Jun 2018
CM1517 Weeks-£13,3182204 Jun 2018
CM1618 Weeks-£24,2822405 Jun 2018
CM1716 Weeks-£7,4203506 Jun 2018
CM1820 Weeks-£7,1792502 Jun 2018
CM1918 Weeks-£7,4992505 Jun 2018
CM2015 Weeks-£5,5642309 Jun 2018
CM2120 Weeks-£12,7272506 Jun 2018
CM2222 Weeks-£12,8571801 Jun 2018
CM2317 Weeks-£9,6866401 Jun 2018
CM2420 Weeks-£13,1401601 Jun 2018
CM7718 Weeks-£6,4022307 Jun 2018
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