Regional House Market Data

Results for Bristol

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
BS112 Weeks-£12,333322 Jan 2020
BS219 Weeks-£6,000302 Jan 2020
BS316 Weeks-£7,1462709 Jan 2020
BS420 Weeks-£6,990608 Jan 2020
BS515 Weeks-£8,3712702 Jan 2020
BS612 Weeks-£28,6262101 Jan 2020
BS716 Weeks-£11,6772211 Jan 2020
BS812 Weeks-£21,564703 Jan 2020
BS917 Weeks-£12,8532608 Jan 2020
BS1014 Weeks-£4,6122007 Jan 2020
BS1117 Weeks-£6,0971909 Jan 2020
BS1313 Weeks-£5,9704702 Jan 2020
BS1415 Weeks-£6,4312413 Jan 2020
BS1516 Weeks-£6,0403202 Jan 2020
BS1619 Weeks-£8,8002504 Jan 2020
BS2018 Weeks-£7,5094201 Jan 2020
BS3014 Weeks-£6,4573902 Jan 2020
BS3113 Weeks-£8,0383506 Jan 2020
BS3217 Weeks-£6,1852703 Jan 2020
BS3418 Weeks-£6,6392602 Jan 2020
BS3516 Weeks-£6,6081814 Jan 2020
BS3616 Weeks-£16,8211422 Jan 2020
BS3715 Weeks-£6,2635010 Jan 2020
BS3914 Weeks-£8,680509 Jan 2020
BS4013 Weeks-£8,825617 Jan 2020
BS4114 Weeks-£5,500205 Feb 2020
BS4811 Weeks-£9,7501624 Jan 2020
BS4910 Weeks-£14,808628 Jan 2020
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