Regional House Market Data

Results for Bristol

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
BS10 Weeks£0011 Feb 2021
BS218 Weeks-£9,666603 Feb 2020
BS317 Weeks-£6,4966004 Feb 2020
BS417 Weeks-£5,6234406 Feb 2020
BS518 Weeks-£7,3755503 Feb 2020
BS616 Weeks-£20,8253701 Feb 2020
BS720 Weeks-£10,4043301 Feb 2020
BS813 Weeks-£23,7101914 Feb 2020
BS917 Weeks-£13,5056305 Feb 2020
BS1016 Weeks-£4,2472304 Feb 2020
BS1119 Weeks-£4,8623204 Feb 2020
BS1313 Weeks-£5,9806201 Feb 2020
BS1418 Weeks-£5,1125801 Feb 2020
BS1519 Weeks-£4,0464904 Feb 2020
BS1618 Weeks-£6,80510103 Feb 2020
BS2017 Weeks-£8,1776501 Feb 2020
BS3018 Weeks-£6,0065703 Feb 2020
BS3116 Weeks-£6,3604206 Feb 2020
BS3218 Weeks-£7,3175803 Feb 2020
BS3419 Weeks-£5,9842407 Feb 2020
BS3515 Weeks-£7,7783901 Feb 2020
BS3618 Weeks-£16,1541105 Feb 2020
BS3718 Weeks-£6,8848201 Feb 2020
BS3923 Weeks-£10,6001807 Feb 2020
BS4018 Weeks-£12,1321404 Feb 2020
BS417 Weeks-£9,689505 Feb 2020
BS4815 Weeks-£9,7595301 Feb 2020
BS4914 Weeks-£8,6221111 Feb 2020
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