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Results for Bristol

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
BS114 Weeks-£4,0411217 Mar 2021
BS217 Weeks-£17,625810 Mar 2021
BS315 Weeks-£6,5342502 Mar 2021
BS412 Weeks-£8,8534901 Mar 2021
BS59 Weeks-£5,6473802 Mar 2021
BS614 Weeks-£16,6661205 Mar 2021
BS717 Weeks-£1,9992301 Mar 2021
BS812 Weeks-£10,1111705 Mar 2021
BS918 Weeks-£7,8303102 Mar 2021
BS1018 Weeks-£4,7181603 Mar 2021
BS1119 Weeks-£6,6942103 Mar 2021
BS1318 Weeks-£4,4542201 Mar 2021
BS1413 Weeks-£4,3834301 Mar 2021
BS1515 Weeks-£3,5983808 Mar 2021
BS1616 Weeks-£6,3666002 Mar 2021
BS2013 Weeks-£8,7605301 Mar 2021
BS3015 Weeks-£5,6033801 Mar 2021
BS3114 Weeks-£8,2983001 Mar 2021
BS3217 Weeks-£8,0152904 Mar 2021
BS3415 Weeks-£3,7362805 Mar 2021
BS3518 Weeks-£5,5512903 Mar 2021
BS3616 Weeks-£8,9971805 Mar 2021
BS3716 Weeks-£4,2354602 Mar 2021
BS3913 Weeks-£6,0311103 Mar 2021
BS4014 Weeks-£9,875804 Mar 2021
BS4113 Weeks-£41,944902 Mar 2021
BS4814 Weeks-£8,0723802 Mar 2021
BS4917 Weeks-£5,3141410 Mar 2021
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