Regional House Market Data

Results for Bristol

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
BS19 Weeks-£2,571725 Nov 2020
BS217 Weeks-£13,1311110 Nov 2020
BS317 Weeks-£10,9613601 Nov 2020
BS415 Weeks-£5,4685803 Nov 2020
BS512 Weeks-£4,9296402 Nov 2020
BS614 Weeks-£8,9502004 Nov 2020
BS717 Weeks-£7,2312506 Nov 2020
BS812 Weeks-£19,4061602 Nov 2020
BS915 Weeks-£11,5303702 Nov 2020
BS1016 Weeks-£5,5652204 Nov 2020
BS1121 Weeks-£3,7651306 Nov 2020
BS1318 Weeks-£5,1884103 Nov 2020
BS1413 Weeks-£5,3404502 Nov 2020
BS1515 Weeks-£5,5615202 Nov 2020
BS1616 Weeks-£8,5688903 Nov 2020
BS2016 Weeks-£9,6116703 Nov 2020
BS3013 Weeks-£6,2365403 Nov 2020
BS3117 Weeks-£6,2983003 Nov 2020
BS3216 Weeks-£7,6333405 Nov 2020
BS3419 Weeks-£5,8494001 Nov 2020
BS3515 Weeks-£7,8492005 Nov 2020
BS3615 Weeks-£8,2261303 Nov 2020
BS3716 Weeks-£4,6216003 Nov 2020
BS3915 Weeks-£8,0511406 Nov 2020
BS4016 Weeks-£13,7461402 Nov 2020
BS4110 Weeks-£11,1881705 Nov 2020
BS4813 Weeks-£7,8105202 Nov 2020
BS4916 Weeks-£8,9631802 Nov 2020
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