How Fast Do Houses Sell in Bristol? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Bristol

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
BS116 Weeks-£4,250425 Jun 2019
BS215 Weeks-£8,174714 Jun 2019
BS320 Weeks-£9,0413905 Jun 2019
BS420 Weeks-£5,8235103 Jun 2019
BS518 Weeks-£6,3025203 Jun 2019
BS612 Weeks-£15,6802904 Jun 2019
BS716 Weeks-£12,9973403 Jun 2019
BS814 Weeks-£11,928719 Jun 2019
BS916 Weeks-£14,3062903 Jun 2019
BS1017 Weeks-£5,5102803 Jun 2019
BS1116 Weeks-£7,2262712 Jun 2019
BS1317 Weeks-£6,5924107 Jun 2019
BS1419 Weeks-£7,3253903 Jun 2019
BS1521 Weeks-£4,8694403 Jun 2019
BS1618 Weeks-£7,7305804 Jun 2019
BS2019 Weeks-£8,7306003 Jun 2019
BS3019 Weeks-£6,6485503 Jun 2019
BS3116 Weeks-£6,5724501 Jun 2019
BS3217 Weeks-£5,2343303 Jun 2019
BS3417 Weeks-£6,7954605 Jun 2019
BS3518 Weeks-£9,6102701 Jun 2019
BS3618 Weeks-£11,2952203 Jun 2019
BS3716 Weeks-£5,3685101 Jun 2019
BS3919 Weeks-£6,3071412 Jun 2019
BS4020 Weeks-£15,4541114 Jun 2019
BS4123 Weeks-£13,316304 Jul 2019
BS4819 Weeks-£16,1381708 Jun 2019
BS4915 Weeks-£5,4951106 Jun 2019
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