How Fast Do Houses Sell in Bristol? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated July 2020]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Bristol

Area Average Sold Time Average Price Change No. of Properties Tracked Earliest Listing Date
BS117 Weeks£0111 Oct 2019
BS211 Weeks-£5,000102 Jan 2020
BS312 Weeks-£4,000318 Oct 2019
BS415 Weeks-£4,722905 Oct 2019
BS511 Weeks-£6,2221108 Oct 2019
BS610 Weeks-£15,156818 Oct 2019
BS711 Weeks-£10,050916 Oct 2019
BS80 Weeks£0007 Oct 2020
BS912 Weeks-£20,304807 Oct 2019
BS1017 Weeks-£3,666606 Oct 2019
BS1111 Weeks-£9,150316 Oct 2019
BS1311 Weeks-£8,108908 Oct 2019
BS1415 Weeks-£5,498414 Oct 2019
BS1514 Weeks-£5,0861111 Oct 2019
BS1611 Weeks-£6,2691317 Oct 2019
BS2014 Weeks-£2,142707 Oct 2019
BS3011 Weeks-£4,492708 Oct 2019
BS317 Weeks-£4,3101017 Oct 2019
BS3213 Weeks-£3,388907 Oct 2019
BS3413 Weeks-£5,1941008 Oct 2019
BS356 Weeks-£4,500105 Nov 2019
BS3610 Weeks-£2,995113 Dec 2019
BS3712 Weeks-£7,4911218 Oct 2019
BS3913 Weeks-£11,300325 Oct 2019
BS4011 Weeks-£13,125405 Nov 2019
BS410 Weeks£0007 Oct 2020
BS4812 Weeks-£11,166316 Oct 2019
BS4910 Weeks-£4,000329 Oct 2019
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