How Fast Do Houses Sell in Bristol? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

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Results for Bristol

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
BS118 Weeks-£4,6731313 Jun 2018
BS219 Weeks-£5,4951113 Jun 2018
BS315 Weeks-£7,0355901 Jun 2018
BS418 Weeks-£7,8978201 Jun 2018
BS518 Weeks-£7,2137201 Jun 2018
BS616 Weeks-£11,9682401 Jun 2018
BS718 Weeks-£8,7364101 Jun 2018
BS816 Weeks-£40,2501306 Jun 2018
BS916 Weeks-£11,5524301 Jun 2018
BS1017 Weeks-£7,8412405 Jun 2018
BS1122 Weeks-£7,8793401 Jun 2018
BS1318 Weeks-£5,8315101 Jun 2018
BS1419 Weeks-£7,3986501 Jun 2018
BS1516 Weeks-£4,4056701 Jun 2018
BS1617 Weeks-£7,34713401 Jun 2018
BS2020 Weeks-£9,5848202 Jun 2018
BS2117 Weeks-£12,0572702 Jun 2018
BS2217 Weeks-£6,58113801 Jun 2018
BS2319 Weeks-£7,0306702 Jun 2018
BS2416 Weeks-£7,6035804 Jun 2018
BS2518 Weeks-£12,3301815 Jun 2018
BS2615 Weeks-£15,000514 Jun 2018
BS2718 Weeks-£6,2991821 Jun 2018
BS2817 Weeks-£20,000107 Nov 2018
BS2916 Weeks-£5,064726 Jun 2018
BS3019 Weeks-£5,8194804 Jun 2018
BS3120 Weeks-£9,7424706 Jun 2018
BS3217 Weeks-£6,3734901 Jun 2018
BS3418 Weeks-£7,9826303 Jun 2018
BS3518 Weeks-£10,6903601 Jun 2018
BS3618 Weeks-£10,5171401 Jun 2018
BS3717 Weeks-£6,3238704 Jun 2018
BS3921 Weeks-£11,0622014 Jun 2018
BS4014 Weeks-£21,000703 Jun 2018
BS4115 Weeks-£11,833604 Jul 2018
BS4817 Weeks-£11,7794101 Jun 2018
BS4917 Weeks-£9,5471905 Jun 2018
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