How Fast Do Houses Sell in Bristol? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Bristol

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
BS116 Weeks-£8,527913 Oct 2018
BS222 Weeks-£10,146909 Oct 2018
BS317 Weeks-£6,5683504 Oct 2018
BS418 Weeks-£6,8525511 Oct 2018
BS520 Weeks-£9,7755002 Oct 2018
BS615 Weeks-£13,7261508 Oct 2018
BS719 Weeks-£9,2243301 Oct 2018
BS818 Weeks-£13,216922 Oct 2018
BS916 Weeks-£13,2393001 Oct 2018
BS1016 Weeks-£7,4152511 Oct 2018
BS1119 Weeks-£7,7112501 Oct 2018
BS1318 Weeks-£4,4264203 Oct 2018
BS1418 Weeks-£7,5324601 Oct 2018
BS1517 Weeks-£4,6423401 Oct 2018
BS1618 Weeks-£8,1737102 Oct 2018
BS2018 Weeks-£10,9155010 Oct 2018
BS2121 Weeks-£11,6582808 Oct 2018
BS2217 Weeks-£8,0198401 Oct 2018
BS2319 Weeks-£6,9953001 Oct 2018
BS2418 Weeks-£9,0734203 Oct 2018
BS2517 Weeks-£10,1251203 Oct 2018
BS2613 Weeks-£4,666307 Nov 2018
BS2718 Weeks-£10,5771119 Oct 2018
BS2814 Weeks-£10,000207 Nov 2018
BS2921 Weeks-£4,125403 Oct 2018
BS3019 Weeks-£5,9764104 Oct 2018
BS3119 Weeks-£8,5324001 Oct 2018
BS3219 Weeks-£6,0324201 Oct 2018
BS3418 Weeks-£8,4274402 Oct 2018
BS3521 Weeks-£10,6892704 Oct 2018
BS3616 Weeks-£18,6731725 Oct 2018
BS3718 Weeks-£6,5575603 Oct 2018
BS3922 Weeks-£7,1972005 Oct 2018
BS4018 Weeks-£16,250414 Nov 2018
BS4115 Weeks-£9,000402 Oct 2018
BS4820 Weeks-£16,0691215 Oct 2018
BS4923 Weeks-£4,3801301 Oct 2018
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