How Fast Do Houses Sell in Bristol? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

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Results for Bristol

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
BS116 Weeks-£9,8501006 Jan 2019
BS219 Weeks-£8,5371027 Dec 2018
BS317 Weeks-£6,6994207 Dec 2018
BS417 Weeks-£5,6625511 Dec 2018
BS518 Weeks-£7,1534103 Dec 2018
BS614 Weeks-£18,4512404 Dec 2018
BS717 Weeks-£6,4983621 Dec 2018
BS817 Weeks-£36,6771404 Dec 2018
BS917 Weeks-£21,0292521 Dec 2018
BS1016 Weeks-£7,6513210 Dec 2018
BS1118 Weeks-£7,5402206 Dec 2018
BS1316 Weeks-£7,5513717 Dec 2018
BS1418 Weeks-£5,6835501 Dec 2018
BS1518 Weeks-£5,5274704 Dec 2018
BS1618 Weeks-£8,0438907 Dec 2018
BS2019 Weeks-£9,7386003 Dec 2018
BS2118 Weeks-£9,2432818 Dec 2018
BS2217 Weeks-£7,70310703 Dec 2018
BS2319 Weeks-£8,1803204 Dec 2018
BS2417 Weeks-£7,8633203 Dec 2018
BS2516 Weeks-£10,3751226 Dec 2018
BS2612 Weeks-£5,000409 Jan 2019
BS2717 Weeks-£5,8821411 Jan 2019
BS2819 Weeks-£15,000308 Feb 2019
BS2917 Weeks£0230 Jan 2019
BS3018 Weeks-£5,6484701 Dec 2018
BS3117 Weeks-£9,3183711 Dec 2018
BS3219 Weeks-£4,7333404 Dec 2018
BS3418 Weeks-£8,6354603 Dec 2018
BS3518 Weeks-£9,3252803 Dec 2018
BS3616 Weeks-£17,5182401 Dec 2018
BS3716 Weeks-£6,3105001 Dec 2018
BS3917 Weeks-£3,8851406 Dec 2018
BS4022 Weeks-£24,166616 Jan 2019
BS4114 Weeks-£13,590515 Jan 2019
BS4817 Weeks-£9,9241224 Dec 2018
BS4920 Weeks-£5,3251603 Dec 2018
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