How Fast Do Houses Sell in Aberdeen? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated June 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Aberdeen

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
AB340 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
AB1024 Weeks-£9,125406 Jul 2018
AB1118 Weeks-£3,285715 Jun 2018
AB1213 Weeks-£4,300519 Jun 2018
AB130 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
AB140 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
AB1520 Weeks-£8,000514 Jun 2018
AB1617 Weeks-£1,7691329 Jun 2018
AB2116 Weeks-£5,800512 Jun 2018
AB2219 Weeks-£4,800514 Jun 2018
AB2324 Weeks-£6,290520 Jul 2018
AB2419 Weeks-£7,400511 Jun 2018
AB2523 Weeks-£15,500415 Jun 2018
AB3027 Weeks-£6,700103 Oct 2018
AB3117 Weeks-£20,000231 Jul 2018
AB3225 Weeks-£5,666308 Jun 2018
AB3322 Weeks-£2,833303 Jul 2018
AB350 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
AB370 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
AB3814 Weeks-£3,555908 Jun 2018
AB3946 Weeks-£23,000112 Jun 2018
AB4116 Weeks-£3,850205 Sep 2018
AB4216 Weeks-£2,071705 Jun 2018
AB4310 Weeks-£7,000205 Oct 2018
AB449 Weeks£0114 Sep 2018
AB4518 Weeks-£2,713701 Jun 2018
AB5113 Weeks-£1,666314 Jun 2018
AB520 Weeks£0009 Jun 2019
AB5320 Weeks£0130 Oct 2018
AB5416 Weeks-£5,166324 Jul 2018
AB5518 Weeks-£4,071729 Jun 2018
AB5619 Weeks-£4,916617 Aug 2018
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