How Fast Do Houses Sell in Aberdeen? - Asking vs. Sold Prices [Updated August 2019]

Regional House Market Data

Results for Aberdeen

AreaAverage Sold TimeAverage Price ChangeNo. of Properties TrackedEarliest Listing Date
AB340 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
AB1015 Weeks-£2,666308 Jan 2019
AB1116 Weeks-£4,000505 Oct 2018
AB1214 Weeks-£5,000112 Nov 2018
AB130 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
AB140 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
AB1520 Weeks-£43,417611 Oct 2018
AB1614 Weeks-£2,749805 Oct 2018
AB2117 Weeks-£5,812811 Oct 2018
AB2223 Weeks-£2,500425 Oct 2018
AB2314 Weeks-£2,500208 Oct 2018
AB2419 Weeks-£1,900519 Oct 2018
AB2521 Weeks-£11,500303 Oct 2018
AB3016 Weeks-£48,350203 Oct 2018
AB3116 Weeks-£14,500211 Oct 2018
AB3234 Weeks-£10,000102 Nov 2018
AB336 Weeks£0118 Jan 2019
AB350 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
AB370 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
AB3815 Weeks-£3,625817 Oct 2018
AB3916 Weeks£0106 Apr 2019
AB4115 Weeks-£5,062419 Oct 2018
AB4224 Weeks-£4,625404 Oct 2018
AB4310 Weeks-£7,000205 Oct 2018
AB440 Weeks£0001 Oct 2019
AB4513 Weeks-£6,833305 Oct 2018
AB5119 Weeks-£3,125811 Oct 2018
AB5216 Weeks£0118 Mar 2019
AB5324 Weeks-£833312 Oct 2018
AB5411 Weeks-£3,000115 Nov 2018
AB5518 Weeks-£2,5001109 Oct 2018
AB5619 Weeks-£4,4221012 Oct 2018
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