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Are you looking to sell land or a development site?
We are actively in search of mid to large-sized properties and land with or without planning permission in place.

No brokerage, legal or other commissions to pay

DiggerProperty Solvers is actively in search of land, development sites and properties with conversion potential.

We can purchase directly for cash, exchanging in as little as 24 hours, or work with owners directly to maximise the existing use value of buildings and land.

Should you own such a property / land plot or would simply like to find out how we operate, please fill our contact form or call on 0800 044 3733 (lines are open 24/7).

How We Work

Talk To Us

We purchase sites of any size, shape or configuration – from smaller conversions, garden plots, under-utilised land and run down properties to larger and more complex projects. We will start by asking about what options you have already explored and also what your ultimate objectives are (either to sell or potentially look into some form of partnership).

Meeting at the Development Site

We will arrange a meeting with you either at the site or a location of your choice to have a discussion about your plans. Please note that we will fully respect your privacy and understand that you may be simply making initial enquiries. With your permission, we may also refer the site to our associate planning consultants, architects and the Local Planning Authority itself.

Moving Forward with The Transaction

We will provide proof of funding and other information required regarding our credentials with the aim of creating a genuine "win-win" outcome. Should you agree to our proposal, we will cover all the necessary legal, consultancy, design, planning application fees and there will be no agency commissions or other hidden costs.

Concluding the Transaction Smoothly

We will ensure that the transfer of ownership is undertaken with minimum disruption and can assist with any ongoing management or financial issues – offering a cash advance should it be required. Should there be tenant(s), we are happy to look into existing agreements that may be in place and work towards achieving the best plan for all parties.

Adding Planning Value

We work with a panel of reputable consultants and architects with a view to maximising the return possible on the sale of the site with planning consent in place – a figure that is usually considerably higher than the Existing Use Value (EUV). It is through these collaborations and our own detailed value engineering processes that we can establish the optimum site design and, therefore, unlock the very best open market value at no cost or risk to the land / site owner.

Upon closer examination of a given site, should we perceive that there may well be genuine opportunity, with the owner's explicit permission, we will initiate a formal planning consultation process, liaise with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) and produce an outline financial appraisal to examine project viability.

Based on a positive outcome from our initial investigation, we would need to engage in a more thorough project analysis process. This will involve prearranged visits to the site with our associated planning and architectural consultants complemented by in depth discussions with the local planning authority, engineers, quantity surveyors and other professional services.

Naturally, we will respect any decision to hold back and provide our full contact details should you wish to get in touch at a later date and/or make independent enquiries.

Excellent Referral Fees Paid

If you are an estate agent, broker or operate in the property industry in any capacity, we would be very interested to hear of land or buildings with development potential that you may know of.

We will run the opportunity through our detailed appraisal process and, once proven to demonstrate genuine scope for development, offer an excellent land finding referrals package.

We will send you an agreement and put you in touch with our solicitor to ensure that you are kept fully updated should we move forward with a sale. At the point of completion, we will make sure that the referral fee is paid in a timely manner.

For more information please email us at or leave a message with your contact details on 0800 044 3733.

Please leave
your details
We're waiting to help...
We respect your privacy and will only pass on details with your consent.